You know us, we are suckers for a great deal and the sustainable shopping movement. And when we get both, we consider our splurge escapade a straight-up success story. When it comes to shopping for a new smartphone (a new-age holiday tradition, if you will), we’ve somehow only managed to grab deals but never a sustainable option. That was until this year, ‘cause shopping pre-loved is officially in and easier than ever. 

Before we give you the solution, let’s do a quick recap: every holiday season, we come across some irresistible deals, we grab new phones and lock away our old ones in a drawer with all the others before it. And in all this, we completely forget about the fact that that stack of phones will eventually contribute to the 725,000 tonne-pile (not an exaggeration, that’s actually how much e-waste Canadians produce) of e-waste every year. What’s more – 82% of Canadians aged 18-40 report having purchased a brand new phone in the last year, and only 15% have ever bought pre-owned (according to an Angus Reid survey commissioned this August)!

Coming to the solution, well, this year we reached out to the experts at Mobile Klinik for tips on upgrading our tech the smart and sustainable way. They are, after all, the go-to store for all things mobile- buying, selling, repairing, connecting. Plus, they are also heavy champions of the sustainable movement in the mobile industry, encouraging folks to shop pre-loved instead of brand new. Fortunately, for us, the experts there happily obliged.

And here we are with this list of 6 easy-to-follow smartphone shopping tips that will save our wallet and our planet.

phone upgrade
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Plan your budget smarter

We buy when deals are at their best (hello holiday season, wink wink). But what if you could save even more? Your phone really shouldn’t be the most expensive item you carry around! Instead of spending on a brand new one, shop for a pre-loved one. And if you rely on a trusted retailer like Mobile Klinik, not only are you getting yourself a great device but also saving potentially hundreds of dollars on what you would’ve normally spent

Drop your spending, not your options

Just because you are purchasing a pre-owned phone doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the technology or your options. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you can still get an upgrade, only you’ll also be cost and environment-conscious. Mobile Klinik has you covered with some of the best and most recent mobile brands and models from the Apple iPhone 11 to the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and everything in between.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Phones being reused means fewer phones being dumped and lesser e-waste being generated. That in turn would help reduce our carbon footprint. So, whether you want to extend the life of your phone with a few repairs, buy a new phone or sell your existing one, Mobile Klinik is your one-stop-shop for all things mobile. But you already knew that!

Quality? Check. 

There’s a whole stigma around the quality of pre-owned phones. Why is it that we comfortably invest in pre-owned cars? That’s because when it comes to pre-owned phones, we aren’t doing it right. We are neither going to trusted sellers nor checking for warranties. But Mobile Klinik is here to change the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) game. Their devices come with a one-year device warranty and a lifetime warranty on repairs. They also have a very strict 34-point inspection done by a trained technician before it is sanitized, professionally refurbished and then sold.

What chip shortage?! 

The pandemic has caused production delays across many sectors, mobile phones being one of them. There’s currently a dearth of new phones in the market due to the delayed production of mobile chips. So, you could either endure the long wait that comes with a brand new device or smartly skip the queue with a CPO from Mobile Klinik. We, obviously, chose the latter!

Clearly, Mobile Klink with its caravan of 100 stores Canada-wide is breaking the age-old myth that all good things come for a high price. So, do yourself and the planet a favour and hit your nearest Mobile Klinik RN. Oh, and they have some exclusive deals running at their online store which you can access here.