Anyone who has ever thought that Zoos are for kids, has clearly never been to the Calgary Zoo. The place literally needs zero intros, that’s how popular it is. But we’ve come to realize that it is one of the most iconic attractions of the city for a reason; the folks here ensure that the place is for everybody.

They have these amazing events every season that never let the Zoo get old. And they’re at it this season as well. Whether you want to go on an adventure date (think after-hour events), a picnic and exploring with the fam, a unique brunch with pals, or simply want to be around animals ‘cause you love them as much as we do, the Calgary Zoo is the place to be.

This not-so-little piece of nature that’s filled to the brim with fall beauty is the perfect place to wash all the city off of you without having to drive for hours. Because let’s face it, sometimes all we have is a day to spare and there’s no way in hell that we’ll spend it in the car.

calgary zoo fall halloween
Photos via Curiocity

So, below are 5 things you absolutely have to check out at the Zoo this fall.

Oh, before we forget, the Zoo has this cool-ass membership program. Of course, you get pretty good deals on many Zoo services with that but you also get access to some special members-only events. Sweet, eh?

Now to the list:

Fall Harvest Dinner (Dine-in & Take-out)

As much as we love enjoying our thanksgiving meal surrounded by loved ones, we’d gladly do away with the hours spent labouring in the kitchen. Our solution: the Fall Harvest Dinner. This four-course Turkey dinner opens at the Calgary Zoo’s Safari Lodge, and if you’d rather enjoy the meal at home, you can order it for pick-up. Oh, and don’t forget to give thanks to the Zoo for this lip-smacking meal! 


ZooDunnit (pun very much intended) is a murder mystery game night where you can also enjoy food and drinks at three different locations. You’ll solve clues on your way to uncovering the mystery, all while enjoying the unique after-hours feel of the Zoo grounds. It’s perfect for a date night or adventure with pals, and as the Calgary Zoo website puts it, “Dinner — and justice — will be served!” 

Date: October 22

ZooBoo & Halloween Brunch

And now for what will likely be the biggest Zoo event of the month, the Halloween celebration. An evening for all ages, there are treats for us as well as for the animals. Yup, the Animal Care, Health and Welfare team will share treats with our fav animals. How cool is that, eh? 

calgary zoo fall halloween
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At ZooBOO, guests & littles can explore the ZooBOO Map, and stop by Treat Stations, and enter the ZooBOO photo contest! Just take a pic of your kiddo in their costume, and post it online using the hashtag #YYCZooBOO2021 to enter! 

The Halloween Brunch will be serving up a one-of-a-kind spooky experience right in the heart of Destination Africa, so make sure you snag your tickets while you can- seating is limited! 

Date: October 29, 30, 31

All views fall & pretty

Given that the Zoo is a wide open space with plenty of animals and ample greenery, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s a great place to get your fill of the fall views. The crimson and gold-coloured everything will brighten up your day and your mood. Plus, it makes for a gram-worthy backdrop.

Date: All through fall (obvi)

New & improved Dinny

calgary zoo fall halloween
Photos via Curiocity

Spending time climbing and sitting on Dinny the Brontosaurus’ tail and pretending he’s a personal pet is one of the most common memories among Zoo-goers. And if we’re being completely honest, we have done that till an age we don’t care to admit. This oldest Zoo resident has now been restored and also has his very own green space, the Dinny Green. Time to create new memories, we suppose.

Date: All year round

We dare you to not love the Cal Zoo after experiencing some or all of the above. Before you plan your Zoo outing though, check out everything you need to know- safety measures, timings, pricing, etc.- on their website. Happy Zoo-ing, guys!