With Halloween behind us and Christmas shopping looming in near sight, we’re already well underway with our holiday gift guide research to make your shopping easier this year!

During the Thanksgiving Long Weekend a few weeks back, we rounded up 18 kids of different ages to test out a TON of awesome new toys, courtesy of our friends at VTech and LeapFrog, to see which ones were their favorites.

What did we learn? Well first, 6 year-old-you would be very jealous to see the tech-savvy toys kids get to play with nowadays! Read on to see our top picks of which toys should definitely be on your holiday list this year!

1. For the future movie producer

kidizoom creator cam tech toys

For less than $80, kids can get their movie producing career started early thanks to the Kidizoom Creator Cam. Complete with selfie mode, a tripod, a green screen, and 20 different background effects, this camera allows kids to easily create their own customized videos from soaring through space to being chased by a dinosaur! The kid-friendly device has 720pi and doesn’t require a connection to the Internet to use.

2. For the kid asking for a Smartwatch

smartwatch tech toys kids vtech

Sure this watch tells time, but just like a grown-up smartwatch, the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 can also take pics, record videos, and has a ton of fun games to keep your kids entertained. Plus, it’ll keep them too busy to constantly ask “how much longer till dinner?”

3.For the kid wanting a Smartphone

vtech smartphone tech toys

Not ready to give your kid a cellphone? Appease them with the KidiBuzz G2! This toy looks just like a smartphone and allows kids to send secure messages over WiFi to their friends that have been pre-approved by parents through the KidiConnect App. The “phone” can record and share pics and videos, take selfies with adorable live face filters, and has over 40 games. You might just get away with not having to buy that cell phone this year!

4. For the kid who loves to learn

tech toys

Ideal for kids from two up to seven years old, Leapfrog LeapStart 3D is dubbed as the “all-in-one learning system for active minds”. The tablet is a fun, tech-savvy way for young learners to continuously develop age-appropriate reading, math, and problem-solving skills. The attached digital pen allows kids to interact with the pages and the audio responses will keep them engaged. Aside from keeping kids learning inside during the winter, the easily transportable toy would be ideal for road trips, plane rides, and a way to occupy the kids guilt-free.

5. For the gamer


The LeapFrog RockIt Twist device has a ton of different sized, light-up buttons that work with five different “game station” features including arcade and playground. All 12 games included are designed to help kids develop their learning skills relating to different areas like reading, math, and science. The unconnected device doesn’t require WiFi so it can be played on the go and has been designed for durability.