One of the best ways to freshen up your living space for the warm months is by embracing a light and bright colour palette. We all know the impact colour can have on our lives, yet when it comes to painting the interiors (let alone the exteriors) of our homes, we tend to shy away from it. It isn’t easy to pick the perfect paint colour, and it’s even harder to put paint on the walls. That is why you’re going to love this fresh new take on choosing your paint colours. The Urban Painter offers a unique colour experience that will help you find the summer colour palette of your dreams without much effort on your part!

If you haven’t already used their services, allow us to introduce them – The Urban Painter is a local, family-run team of friendly, professional painters. Together, they’ve been keeping Calgary colourful, one painting project at a time (and let’s just say they are slightly obsessed with colour)!

Now, the reason they are a preferred choice by many is because they do things a bit differently. They’ll provide you with a full-service colour box aka The Urban Colour Box so you can try out real paint samples yourself and no longer need to rely on swatches to make all the decisions. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Photos via Curiocity

Let us give you their five no-fail steps to getting your home painted in the perfect summer colour palette.

Step 1: Consultation with a professional designer

When it comes to knowing what we want, we know best. But when it comes to finding what we want, it is best left to the professionals. And that’s what you’ll get with The Urban Painter. When you hire them, you get a free individualized colour consultation with a professional designer. The designer works with you to determine the colours that best suit the space and your needs/wants.

Step 2: Finalizing the colours

As anyone who’s ever got a paint job would agree, picking out a wall paint colour is about more than just deciding the colour. You have to make sure it agrees with the rest of your home – your finishes, your lighting, your furniture. This is why colour selection with The Urban Painter takes place at your home and NOT at some store. The experts ensure each colour you pick directly reflects the rest of the home. Plus, with The Urban Colour Box, you can test up to 3 different colours to ensure you are happy with the final result.

Step 3: Receiving the Urban Colour Box

Just selecting the colours from swatches does no good until you’ve tested them out. This is the part where The Urban Painter really takes the cake. They deliver the Urban Colour Box we were mentioning earlier for you to try paint samples IRL. It includes up to 3 paint samples, paint applicators, a smock and a rag so you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to test out your colours before you commit!

Step 4: Testing the colours

Now that you’ve selected the colours and received the Urban Colour Box, it’s time to actually test your chosen colours. Good thing the box contains everything you need to make testing the paint samples easy and fun. So, unbox your box full of surprises and your perfect paint colours, and get testing. Plus you get some crayons to colour the Urban Colour Box while you wait for your paint to dry!

Photos via Curiocity

Step 5: Let the pros take over

With your perfect summer paint colours finalized, it’s time to let the pros take it from here! The Urban Painter’s team of friendly, professional painters, who BTW are big on punctuality, come prepared and ready to take on your project and will transform your home with colour!

See, getting your home painted can be an effortless job, courtesy of The Urban Painter. Jump on their website and book your consultation today!