For the casual camper, a winter road trip might feel out of the question, but those winter views are too enticing to give up that easily! Enlightened with our freshest find (telling you about it shortly, we promise), we know that winter road trips are not just for the most adventurous, and don’t require all kinds of crazy gear. Those who prefer a cozy bed, hot chocolate, and a heater can get outside too. How’s that possible, you ask? Well, that’s where our latest discovery comes into the picture. Enter: Cabana, your own personal hotel on wheels.

So, Cabana is this mobile abode you can rent. It comes equipped with all the comforts you could expect from a hotel suite. A full bathroom, a kitchen, a queen bed, storage space, WiFi, Netflix, safe – you name it and Cabana has it. Plus, they have this really cool concierge service that gives you a personalized itinerary based on your travel preference. That way you don’t need to use half your trip time researching routes. Genius. 

With that in mind, we’ve curated this list of five road trips that appear to be straight out of a winter fantasy. Whether it is cruising through the wind on skis or snuggling with your significant other on the bed taking in the beautiful views a traditional hotel could never provide; whatever your preference, there’s a road trip for you in here.

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Grand Canyon

Contrary to popular belief, the Grand Canyon is not just a summer destination. For one, the snow-dusted scenery will blow your mind away. For two, the crowds are less, meaning you don’t have to keep circling around to find a place to park. And for three, the hikes and exploration are so much easier without the summer sweat. Besides, for the temperature drop post sundown, your Cabana has heated interiors and showers to keep y’all warm and comfy. 

Powder Highway

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Come snow season and skiers and snowboarders are seen flocking to this British Columbia route circling the Kootenay Rockies, courtesy of the slew of skiing resorts dotting the route. From thrilling winter sports to picture-perfect views, this snow haven has it all. The only trouble- the mad rush makes it impossible to book a hotel/lodge even months in advance. The easy solution: Cabana! Be it resort hopping or merely riding along its beautiful curves taking in awe-inspiring scenes, Cabana is an easy and freeing alternative to enjoy this BC beauty.

Temecula, California

This one is for the sun-craving snowbirds among us who dream of anything but snow and layers when thinking of a vacation. This Californian town is the perfect winter getaway for the warm weather-loving lot. With wineries galore, the main affair here is undoubtedly the lip-smackingly delicious wine. But if and when you need a break from all that wine, you can give golfing and gambling a try too or hop on a hot air balloon to take in the scenic town beneath.

Leavenworth, WA


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Frankly, this Bavarian-style city needs neither an intro nor reasons to sell. All we say is google Village of Lights: Christmas Town. Then scroll through the pics of the whole town decked out in whimsical lights. Then as you rush to get to Leavenworth, remind yourself that you haven’t yet booked anything. Then rent a Cabana and make your way to this town right out of a fairytale

Utah Mighty 5


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The Mighty 5 are on just about every hiker’s list- either the bucket list or the ‘frequent it’ list. If you want to enjoy the parks at their glorious best with peaks and protrusions blanketed with snow, head here in the next couple of months. Not only are the views breathtaking, you’ll practically have the parks to yourselves. Oh, and with Cabana’s concierge service, mapping your trip perfectly will be a piece of cake.