Who doesn’t love a summer getaway? Beautiful weather, sizzling heat, outdoor dining, and cool refreshing drinks. Before you start checking airfares, we’re here to tell you that you can get all those things right at home when you visit Whistler in the summer!

As anyone in the Pacific Northwest knows, no one does summer quite like BC. If you’re ready to pack up the car, we have just the place for you to go this weekend – maybe all week if you can swing it!

Whistler is just a 2-hour drive from Vancouver, and it’s so much more than a skiing village! There are endless summertime activities to enjoy, and we have 5 good reasons that you should pack your bags and visit Whistler before summer is over.

1) An outdoor playground

There’s a reason outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Whistler to experience the nature it has to offer. Sure, it may be famous for its ski slopes, but Whistler in the summertime can be just as magical.

Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you can enjoy everything from biking, golfing, and hiking to paddle boarding, ATV’ing, or bungee jumping. Your nerve is the limit – but be careful!

2) Culinary delights

What sort of trip is complete without a culinary experience? Whistler has you covered with casual après snacks (great for pit stops between adventures), grab-and-go sammies, and fine dining for an elegant evening – maybe after a spa day?

Try one of Whistler’s award-winning restaurants or score some scrumptious eats made with organic, locally-sourced ingredients.

3) Village vibes

You obviously can’t visit Whistler without spending an afternoon strolling through the pedestrian-friendly downtown. This is the social epicentre where the community gathers, and tourists from all over the world mingle with locals.

Grab a bite to eat and explore the many shops throughout the village that range from big-name brands to quaint artisan mom and pops.

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4) Rich arts and culture

You can’t be somewhere as beautiful as BC and not expect there to be a vibrant arts and culture scene – especially in the summertime. If the mountains and ocean weren’t inspiring enough, you can wander and awe at one of the many galleries or art exhibitions in Whistler.

A few noteworthy spots include the Audain Art Museum, Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, and the Whistler Museum. Keep an eye peeled when you’re in the village to find many more shops and galleries featuring local talent.

5 reasons to visit Whistler in summer
Photo Courtesy of Tourism Whistler

5) Outdoor summer concerts

What could be better than music in the mountains? We dare you to find a more picturesque setting for an outdoor concert – and the crazy part is that it’s completely free to attend.

Check out the artist line-up for August, and plan your visit around who you want to see most! There’s something for everything from classical music and indie pop beats to R&B and rock bands. These open-air concerts are happening all summer long in Whistler Olympic Plaza, with live DJ sets beginning at 6:30 PM before headlining performers take over the stage at 7:30 PM. Bring your picnic blanket and get there early to land a good spot!

There’s so much to discover when you visit Whistler in the summer! Rhyme not intended. As a bonus, stay longer and save up to 25% on summer lodging.

Visit Tourism Whistler to start planning your summer getaway.