‘We don’t need a vacation’ is something you’ll never hear a couple say, especially now after being cooped indoors for a year and a half. Be it for a mere change of scenery or because the frustration of confinement is starting to affect our dynamic with our significant other, a refreshing couples’ getaway is exactly what we need RN. And we have just the place for it – Kamloops, where you can reconnect with your partner and rekindle that flame. The fact that we’ve officially entered the most romantic season of the year, aka Fall, just makes this town so much dreamier.

Just under a 4-hour drive from Vancouver, Kamloops is everything you need your romantic-meets-adventurous escape to be. So turn your out of office on because here are 5 of the many reasons Kamloops is the place to be this fall, whether you need a sweet weekend getaway or want a weeklong working vacay. Before we get started, we want to give a big shout-out to Tourism Kamloops. Had it not been for them, we would’ve never discovered some of these priceless gems.

Now, the list:

Beautiful Inside & Out

We already know that Kamloops is an outrageously beautiful place but it’s even more so during fall. Home to trails and hikes that brighten up with ample gold and crimson, you can take in the panoramic views of the city and valley from multiple angles. It’s not just the foliage though, even the waters turn red. We’re talking about the Adams River Salmon Run of course, which happens every October just east of Kamloops at the Tsútswecw Provincial Park (Roderick Haig-Brown).

hiking fall
Photo via Tourism Kamloops/Scott Bakken

Brewville to Wine Village & Everything in Between

No vacation is complete without wines, ciders, and beers, especially not a romantic one. Its extensive list of wineries and breweries is one of the reasons Kamloops is a favourite weekend hideout for Vancouverites. Between innovative beers served with Crispy Brussel Sprouts (don’t be hesitant to try this; they really are good), pints of Locomotive Lager, and a never-ending variety of lip-smacking Thompson Valley wine, it’s easy to keep your spirits high (pun intended).

Photos via Tourism Kamloops/Royce Sihlis & Christine Nelson

Multiple Foodgasms

Where do we even begin? There’s no simpler way to describe the Kamloops food scene than to just say that it’s the ultimate foodie paradise. The endless line-up of restaurants, cafes and bakeries offer cuisines and recipes to match every palate and lifestyle, even vegan and vegetarian. With 6 meals a day (snacks always included), it’s hard to try all the best eateries and dishes over a single weekend here- you’ll just have to visit again.

The More-loved Third Wheel

Reconnecting with your other half is not as much fun when you’re worried about the other love of your life- your furry family member. This is what makes Kamloops popular among pet-lovers; there are plenty of patios, markets and trails for our furry buddies to enjoy too.

WFH-ing Like a Boss

Imagine working in a charming café sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte. Then taking a break to refresh your mind with a stroll down a historic street decked with boutique shops and iconic gram-worthy murals. That’s what working in Kamloops looks like. If working could be that awesome all year round, we probably wouldn’t need a single day off. Agree?

mountain biking
Photo via Tourism Kamloops/Ollie Jones

There’s nothing left to do now but to pack up your bags and ‘Hit The Road Jack.’ Don’t forget to check out Tourism Kamloops for all the Know Before You Go info you need- latest public health measures, places to stay, places to visit, etc.- to plan your weekend in the best possible way.