We’ll be honest, we never really gave horse racing much thought until recently. Then Century Mile, the iconic racetrack just outside of Edmonton, announced that its Live Thoroughbred racing is on for the season. Bored as we were, we decided to try out this supposed “cool and fun” activity that the “it” crowd has been raving about. And boy are we glad we did!

The place turned out to be just the thing we needed to break through our usual ‘beer and pizza’ weekend grind. For good reasons (yes, plural) too! And for anyone who needs a bit of convincing, here are five of the many reasons why horse racing will be your next fave sport.

Century Mile Racetrack
Photo via Curiocity

It is straight-up exhilarating

Picture this— the horses are all saddled and set, jockeys in position, your bets in place and the starting gate opens. With every pound of the hoove, your heart pumps a little faster as you cheer your horse to the finish line. Trust us, it is one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ve had. While short-lived, a Live Thoroughbred race can give you an adrenaline rush that lasts the whole damn weekend.

It’s the perfect mix of sporting and socializing

A day or an evening at the races is like one big party. There are cocktails you’ve lost count of. There’s palpable thrill and energy in the air. There’s the gambling rush and a live race unfolding before you. And you have a fun time with your friends, S.O. and a whole bunch of potential friends.

Century Mile Racetrack - Friends cheersing over dinner
Photo via Curiocity

It’s an all-occasion place

Whether you’re looking for a unique date night idea, need a cool party place or simply want a spot to hang out with the gang, the racetrack is ideal for them all. The Century Mile has you covered for every mood. Need some thrill? Enjoy the race up-close from the outdoor apron. Need a romantic vibe? Head up to the tiered, The Finish Line, resto for dinner and a show. Plus, there is a giant outdoor patio and several bars. Basically, they have everything to make your evening epic.

It doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket

As compared to any other form of sports, horse racing is quite an affordable choice. Let alone digging a hole in your pocket, if you play your hand right, you might even walk out with a fuller pocket. Thanks to all the easily accessible info, it isn’t all that difficult.

Century Mile Racetrack - Friends laughing and having a good time at the racetrack
Photo via Curiocity

It lets you be part of a fashion-forward scene

Frankly, we’ve never appreciated fashion quite as much as we do now, after having walked out of two whole years of sweats. The racetrack doesn’t just give us a chance to dress up but it puts us in the middle of a very fashionable scene. So, if you’ve been wondering where you can wear that royal-looking fascinator or those fancy new shoes or that brand new bag, Century Mile is the place for you.

Ready to give the races a try? Well, check out the Century Mile Racetrack and Casino website for more info on their ongoing and upcoming races. Oh, and you will need a reservation for The Finish Line restaurant, so be sure to make one.