We aren’t saying we don’t love the winter, the ski trips and the hot lattes. But if we do get an opportunity to take a break from the cold weather and diminished sunlight, we would definitely take it. And if you are anything like us, you are using the remainder of your PTO to swap out the shiver-inducing snow for warm, silky sand between your toes.

The only thing keeping us from hitting that gorgeous sun-drenched destination now is the sherpa and wool overloaded that is our current wardrobe. So, we decided to put together a few covetable looks that will ensure your coastal-style game is on point.

And thanks to Bikini Village, it IS possible to shop summer and beach wear even at -16. In fact, it isn’t just possible but a heck of a brilliant idea to shop summer essentials in winter. Because the brand is runnisng a huge Black Friday sale at the moment. Meaning, you can get your hands on all the 70+ brands for all sizes and genders for far less.

Now, to the aforementioned cool (and chic) looks. From sunbathing by the ocean to a nice walk in the warm breeze, these looks have you covered all the way.

Look #1: For sunbathing by the ocean

Getting some rays is a vacation must-do for us, and escaping the cold to relax by the ocean, listening to the crashing waves, sounds like an absolute dream. Now, looking great while doing so? Even better.

Bring a pop of floral while letting your tan do the talking with the FEEL GOOD Bikini by Billabong (top and bottom), and have your Turquoise Couture Crochet Poncho with Fringes handy for a little coverage on the walk back.

Bikini Village Floral Swimsuit
Photos via Bikini Village

Look #2: For all the beach adventures

If you’re an adventurous type of guy, you already know you’ll need some quality pieces to last you through all the activities lined up. And Hamabe knows that, so our pick for the perfect transitional fit from beach to thrill is the Volley Swimsuit with mesh lining and short sleeve shirt. Pair it with O’Neill’s Sonoma Lite bucket hat and you’re ready to go!

Bikini Village Print Swim Trunks
Photo via Bikini Village

Look #3: For a stroll in the warm breeze

You know what they say, “nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach”. There’s something about walking on fine sand and taking in the gorg views of our fave vacay destinations that makes it so memorable. And if you’re getting some pics while you’re at it, this outfit will wow the audiences- pair up the Santemare chain bikini with the Santemare wrap dress, and for the final touch, the Rip Curl DAKOTA Panama Hat to tie it all together!

Bikini Village Gorgeous Bikini and Coverup
Photo via Bikini Village

Look #4: For a (or 4) at the beach shack

Yes, laying by the beach and taking in the views is lovely, but some of us like to hit up the bar for a cocktail or two to kick off the celebrations. And especially we’re vacationing at an all-inclusive!

The perfect look matters, so pair up the Public Beach Linen Striped Shirt and Linen Pants with some Billabong Flip Flops and you’ll be looking real dapper!

Adventurous Vacationer Wearing Flip FLops
Photo via Bikini Village

Look #5: For a dip in the pool

Last but not least, what’s a tropical vacation without a dip in the pool? The Santemare Chain Cross one-piece swimsuit is a great option for some added support and coverage for a carefree swim. And it looks great with the Bleu Rod Beattie New Wave shirt and the must-have Two-Tone beach bag by Sarajane!

Bikini Village
Photo via Bikini Village

There you have it folks! Everything you need for your warm winter escape. Frankly, with those slashed prices, now is a great time to shop even if you just want to restock for next summer.

Visit your nearest Bikini Village store or go directly to the website to take advantage of this incredible Black Friday deal.

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