If you take a walk through Kitsilano, it’s hard to deny that the streetscape of the look of West 4h Ave is dynamic. It changes ever so often with new residents replacing the old ones and giving stores a complete makeover. And this has especially been the case over the last couple of years when all businesses have had trouble staying afloat. In fact, on our recent visit there, we came across many new favourites in the area. So, we’ve decided to give a shout out to the local OG Kits stores that have continued to receive love from customers for over a decade.

And speaking of over a decade, Saturday, July 8th is the 10 Year Anniversary of the Khatsahlano Street Party. So when it comes to serious OG love, the Khatsahlano Street Party knows what’s up, ’cause this 10 Year Anniversary will be bigger and better than ever after a two-year long hiatus. 

Alright, here goes our list!

Sophie’s Cosmic Café

Opened in 1988, the café continues to retain its 80s pop culture décor. In fact, the place is known as much for its artwork and collectables by national and international artists as it is for its uniquely delicious comfort foods. It’s the perfect brunch spot for a warm summer weekend. FYI: Their Benedicts are to die for!

Jackson’s Resto Butcher

Okay, this one is actually part of the hood’s OG gang. The place, popular for its meats and deli, has been around since 1911. But two years ago it transformed itself completely. From a family-run butcher business, the place has now elevated into a ‘resto-butcher.’ And we’re proud to inform you, that they are ace-ing the restaurant game just like they did the butcher game.


The restaurant has been serving up Greco-Roman cuisine in Kitsilano since 1969. Over the years the interior and exterior have undergone some changes. But the one thing that stayed constant is the exceptional culinary experience the place offers— from a warm service to delectable delights. And while their range of wheat crust pizzas is the popular choice, the Roast Lamb is simply unmissable.

Las Margaritas


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We’ll be honest, it took us a minute to remember this one. Not ‘cause we didn’t know about it. But ‘cause we always referred to it as the cool-ass Mexican place with a purple door and the best darn patio in the city. Their hot (spice-wise and temp-wise) meals and chilled drinks are what continue to earn them a loyal fanbase.

Zulu Records


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Finally, a non-eatery on the list! This record store and independent record label has continued to hold its ground for over four decades. While its collection of used and new DVDs, LPs, 45s and turntables is unparalleled, the loyalty of its fanbase roots in the many musical legends that have been employed or have performed here. It’s not just a KITS landmark but a Vancouver landmark at this point.

We are sure you’ve already visited the above stores a dozen times. So, we say let’s continue showing them love. And on the off chance you haven’t hit one or more of these local Kits stores, we suggest you check’em out STAT. They have, after all, cracked the survival code!