When it comes to finding the best places to live, choosing a neighbourhood is kinda a big deal. Because the neighbourhood around you will affect your overall living quality, so spending some time researching the right fit for your lifestyle is almost as critical as finding your dream home. Fact. 

Oh and before you go all ‘where did you get that from’ on us, hear us out. We asked industry experts from CIR Realty who’ve been navigating the Calgary market and its surroundings since ‘83. If that’s not a reliable source?! So here are 5 factors you should consider before putting down roots. Take notes! 

Commute Time

When shopping for a community, pick the max time you want to spend commuting, draw a radius around your job location within that time allotment (use Google people), and only look at the neighbourhoods that fall within that radius. Trust us. A short commute literally gives you your life back. What could you do with an extra 250 hours of free time every year?!

Property Taxes

choosing neighbourhood calgary
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If you have a strict budget on what you can afford for a monthly mortgage payment, you need to make sure your property taxes fall in line with that number. For many different reasons, property taxes vary between communities. Talk to your Realtor about which communities you may want to avoid altogether, regardless of housing prices. 


You’ll just be happier when you can walk to grab a coffee or jump on a train to get downtown. Now typically communities with a high walk score to businesses, parks, schools etc. are a bit pricer, but hey – think of the gas savings and all those extra steps you can get in by ditching your car!

Proximity to the ones you love

Thousands of studies on human happiness boil down to one thing – the more we can be around people we care about, the longer we live and the healthier we are. So If you have the chance to live close to family or friends, DO IT. Whether you need a hand moving a couch up a set of stairs or someone to take over baby duty, having the people that love you a hop skip and jump away will make you happier. Period. 

Trendy amenities…It’s a trap! 

choosing neighbourhood calgary
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We get it, living down the street from some of the best cocktails bars in town sounds hella sexy. But what if you are more of a yoga, tea and bed at 9 pm kinda person? Make sure the amenities you need on a day-to-day basis, not just a fun Friday night, are your top priority. 

And there you have it! These a simply our top recommendations, but CIR Realty has over 700 Realtors on their team to help you take a deeper analysis before sealing the deal. If you’re currently on the market, make sure you check out their Blog with tons of practical resources. Ready to pull the trigger? Get in touch with their experts now!