Anyone who has ever purchased a gift for the littles in the group knows that picking the right toy for kids can be a tad bit daunting. For one, kids already own plenty of the latest stuff. Two, not every toy is right for every kid.

Now, we are no experts on buying toys so we spoke to experts to get our holiday shopping right this year. We got in touch with the folks at VTech and LeapFrog. They are, after all, known to produce intuitive and educational toys for the super tech-savvy Gen. Their tips will make choosing the right holiday gift for your kids, nieces and nephews so much easier.

Tip #1: Don’t just go by age, go by the kid’s interest too

vtech kids toys
Photo via Leapfrog

Parents and non-parent elders alike, we’re all guilty of making this mistake at some point. When selecting a toy/game, we look for something age-appropriate. While that is a good thing, it doesn’t ensure a great gift for the child. You might want to explore what the child enjoys. For example, if you’ve seen the kid shake a leg or enjoy music, you could consider something like VTech KidiStar Karaoke Machine or KidiStar Music Magic Microphone. Play on the child’s interests.

Tip #2: Consider something that’ll make learning fun

Ideally, this tip applies to just about any age- from newborns to grown-ups (need we remind you of Trivia?). What makes it more crucial for the young ones is that it doesn’t just make them learn but it also makes them realise that learning can actually be fun. So, a toddler could learn about 100 different animals and their sounds while browsing through a colourful digital book and an 8-year-old could learn about scientific botanical terms simply by playing the Disney Pixar Brave Game.

Tip #3: Remember, apps and games can foster creativity and cognitive skills

vtech kids toys
Photo via VTech

Games and apps have long since been adopted as educational tools. And we don’t mean the kinds that make you do math or teach you to spell, we mean the kinds that let users get creative like LeapFrog’s Art Studio Ultra app or make them put on their reasoning hats to solve puzzles and overcome hurdles. Challenging and entertaining.

Tip #4: Toys are more fun when shared

vtech kids toys
Photo via Leapfrog

One of the best gifts to give our children this holiday season would be the lesson of sharing. Yes, it sounds boring and cliche but trust us there is a fun way to do that too. Give them a toy or a game that is more enjoyable when shared with the whole family and even friends. This could be a multiplayer board, video game, or even a karaoke machine.

Tip #5: A little parental supervision hurt no one ever

As adults, this might seem the absolute opposite of anything fun but when it comes to the children in the family, a little supervision is in fact, desirable. That’s adulting 101! Knowing what, how and how much the children are indulging in can not only help in shaping their personalities, but also in keeping them safe. So, toys, apps and devices that come with parental safety controls are always a good idea.

Well folks, that’s the end of our list. We hope you find that perfect present that makes your kids really happy. And just in case you need some help finding one, you can check out VTech and LeapFrog‘s extensive collection of tech-friendly toys and games.