Everyone is facing a bit of uncertainty going into the holiday season. From consumers to retailers, all the way to our favourite restos & bars, it’s hard to tell what the rest of the year will bring. So, we might as well take control of some things, like supporting local, and show up for the businesses that we know and love.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Ampli to put together a helpful little guide on how to support local this holiday season. Ampli is a new cash back app from RBC that will not only help you save while you spend but also make it easier for you to support awesome local businesses.

Here are 5 easy and affordable ways to support local this holiday season.

Head to the local markets

17th Winter Market Collective

Markets are always a great way to go directly to the source to shop fantastic local vendors. And guess what? Calgary has a bunch of them, especially during the holidays! So head online to Spruce Meadow’s Christmas Market, to the Calgary Christmas Market, or any of the other amazing options around town.

Be a Social Helper

support local

If 2020 taught us anything about business, it’s that having an online presence is extremely important for a local company to thrive. So, how can you help? Well, that’s actually easier than you think. If you know or love some local companies, write a review online, share their pages on your social media channels, and be an active follower of their channels. It sounds small but trust us, it can make a HUGE difference.

Go Straight to the Source

Do you order takeout or delivery through a third-party app? Do you buy local goods on online marketplaces instead of from the retailers that made them? Don’t stress, we all do. BUT, now is a great time to try and buy directly from the source instead! Third-parties do a great job connecting consumers to their favourite products, but typically charge fees or commission. Going directly to the source always ensures that the people who make the food or products you love aren’t seeing all the money they could be. Food for thought, people!

Reimagine how you typically shop for others

support local

Okay, so you’ve got a list of people you need to shop for. Now, make a list of local businesses you’d like to shop from. Then, match the people with a business et voila, you’ve got a whole new way to shop! Not only will you find more unique gifts, but you’ll also be helping out local small businesses in a big way. Happy holidays, indeed.

Spend with Ampli

ampli rbc

Last but certainly not least, you can download the Ampli app to save while you spend. Ampli is a cash back app created by RBC (you don’t need to be an RBC customer to use it) that actually rewards you with cash instead of points for spending money. Just connect the debit or credit cards you use most, sit back, and watch the cash back roll in. You know you’re going to be spending during the holidays, so why not get a little something back from Ampli?

Plus, it gets even better!

Until December 10th, you can sign up for Ampli using the code CURIOCITY. Once you’re signed up, you’re eligible for $10 cash back when you spend $20 at any one of these restos until December 31st, 2020.: Niko’s Pizza, Alumni Sandwiches, Pho Dau Bo, Bridgette Bar, Hayden Block, and Tandoori Grill.

So, happy holiday shopping to all of you! Remember that you can help out local businesses in a variety of ways this holiday season and beyond.

And in 2020, a little help is one of the best gifts we can think of giving