Great news weed enthusiasts: Vancouver’s annual 4/20 festivities are back in full swing! If you were expecting a big smoke out at Sunset Beach like last year, though—think again.

The event is under new organizers (4/20 Market), who have opted to take the festivities back over to the Vancouver Art Gallery. The longstanding protest & festival will be held at the gallery’s North Plaza and will feature dozens of cannabis vendors.

While the event might be on the smaller side this year, some advocates are turning their attention to the recreational use of mushrooms and other psychedelics, which remain illegal and highly controversial in Canada.

“It’s been two years of very limited 4/20 happenings, and we had an amazing 4/20 just before the pandemic hit, so we want to reclaim the day and bring back the vibe,” says Neil Magnuson, one of the event organizers.

In addition to celebrating several years of weed legalization in B.C., the group wants to “get the message out about what’s not right with cannabis laws in this world.”

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Magnuson is the founder of the Cannabis Substitution Program, a project committed to helping people transition from opioids to high-dose cannabis edibles. So far, the program has seen a ton of success, especially among those facing the possibility of overdose.

However, Magnuson has stated that there is still a dire need to protest. The legalization of cannabis has only made high-dose products more expensive and harder for vulnerable individuals to access.

So with that in mind, come on out and partake in some cannabis treats with friends.

4/20 2022

When: Wednesday, April 20th
Where: Vancouver Art Gallery

Happy 4/20, Vancouver! Enjoy the sun while it’s here.