When it comes to gorgeous gems, Canada has no dearth. The only problem is that not all of these gems are accessible by us mere mortals. And this is where CMH Heli-Hiking Summer Adventures come into the picture.

As you might know, CMH offers incredible heli-adventures (hiking, via ferrata and skiing in the winter) on otherwise inaccessible, backcountry terrain. Starting from Banff, they have three luxurious summer lodges in their own unique destination, each more breathtaking than the other. And from here, they heli-drop you into vistas you’d never believe existed IRL.

CMH Heli Skiing + Hiking - BU
Photo by Taylor Burk via CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures

With a private claim to 3,000,000+ acres (yes, you read that right!) of wilderness terrain throughout the Canadian Rockies and beyond, they are the largest heli-adventure outfit in the world. Not to mention their winter heli-skiing adventures!

In their words, they didn’t just “invent heli-hiking, but perfected it.” As proof, we present these three unbelievably beautiful, backcountry destinations CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures can take you to that are straight out of your summer adventure dreams—

Woman looking out at Canadian Rocky Mountains
Photo by Taylor Burk via CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures


This is an iconic location, not just because of its stunning beauty but also because this is the birthplace of heli-skiing. Let’s talk lodge first. Yes, it’s historic but it is loaded with modern amenities and comforts. And their hot tub views are to die for. But what awaits outside of this lodge is far more staggering.

Couple in Jacuzzi in the mountains
Photo by Jesse Tamayo via CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures

In addition to the famed Bugaboo Spires, the place boasts magnificent glaciers, beautiful glacial lakes, awe-inducing cirques, mighty granite titans towering over deep valleys and massive icefields. It’s definitely a destination that will spruce up your summer travel diaries and your ‘Gram game.


Cariboos by CMH Heli Hiking
Photo by Jesse Tamayo via CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures

A little way west of Robson Provincial National Park in BC, in the middle of the Cariboo Mountains, perched 1,100m high is a beautiful lodge— CMH Cariboo Lodge. Although, it might be more apt to call it a mini-resort, given the comforts and amenities it offers. Make sure your camera roll has plenty of space, there are insane views in every direction out here.

From here you will set out to explore the rugged mountainous terrains of CMH Cariboos that you’ll reach by helicopter (obvi). Expect gorg glaciers, majestic peaks, canyon waterfalls, the epic Zillmer Canyon Via Ferrata, vast alpine meadows and turquoise tarns. This is an escape of a lifetime. Though, that statement might well be true for the other two dests as well!

CMH Heli Hiking
Photo by Tammy Hanratty CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures


Did you just look at the images above? Need we praise this alpine paradise anymore? The place is full of adrenaline-pumping adventures of all calibres. Think hiking ridges, walking granite rock faces on the iconic Mount Nimbus via Ferrata and traversing rope courses.

If you’d rather just chill out in the soulful beauty that surrounds you, the lodge at CMH Bobbie Burns has you covered. Much like other CMH Heli-Hiking destinations, the lodge here too is amenity-loaded and offers cozy accommodations and a delightful culinary experience. But more importantly, it gives you exclusive access to sharp arêtes, dramatic moraines and beautiful valleys.

Bobbie Burns by CMH Heli Hiking
Photo by Craig McGee via CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures

That was our list folks. Now, before you start packing for these insane adventures, we suggest you check out the CMH Heli-Hiking Summer Adventures website below. It’s got all the info on dates, stay lengths, pricing and whatever else you may need to plan your perfect summer adventure.