Hello, fashion lovers! We think it’s just about the right time to revisit our list of the essential Vancouver clothing brands (and more) that you should know about. From the international to the emerging, this city has proven to be a hotbed for new styles, major names, and just about everything in between. Naturally, we’re going to try our best to cover all the bases!

Here are 25 Vancouver brands, from clothing to accessories, that you should know about.

Unisex Brands


Wow, Arc’teryx absolutely exploded since we last wrote this list. Of course, their clothing is still pretty much purpose-built for the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Now, they’ve got collaborations with major brands to pick from, in addition to their core lines and specialty offerings. Get a hoodie, get a whole waterproof fit… and step up in both comfort and style.

Instagram: @arcteryx


Like it or not, lululemon was one of the brands that managed to put Vancouver fashion on the map. And, they’ve absolutely stood the test of time, evolving every year to stay ahead of the trends. You can’t deny, the products are great for a workout.

Instagram: @lululemon

Kit + Ace

The younger, more cultured sibling of lululemon. And, after getting in sold in 2018, the company has found a niche that works. The technical touches make your average work outfit that much sleeker, and yes, even more functional to boot.

Instagram: @kitandace

Reigning Champ

Let’s say the technical look isn’t really up your alley. Lucky for you, Reigning Champ has been making fantastic leisurewear for years now. If you’re craving classic sweatshirts, sweatpants and accessories, this name is hard to beat. Case in point? Another major name (Aritzia) acquired them to move into menswear.

Instagram: @reigningchamp

VanCity Original

The bold, graphics-oriented pieces made by this company are perfect for those that either love the city or are buying gifts for people that love the city. And, we’ll admit, it’s a way better approach than just grabbing a Canucks hat or something.

Instagram: @vancityoriginal


John Fluevog

John Fluevog is to footwear in Vancouver what lululemon is to yoga gear. Whether you like it or not, this is the name people associate with the city. On the plus side, the unique and esoteric models have some more toned-down versions to balance them out.

Instagram: @fluevog

Vessi Footwear

A relatively new name with a pretty huge claim- waterproof knit shoes. Well, they’ve convinced us that they’re the real deal, and we’ll take just about anything we can over the dozens of Blundstones and Doc Martens we see on a daily basis.

Instagram: @vessi

Dayton Boots

Speaking of alternatives, this Vancouver company has been making work boots by hand in the same East Vancouver factory for over 6 decades. Quality comes at a price, but if you’re willing to pay it, you’ll have a pair of boots that will last a lifetime.

Instagram: @daytonboots

Small Lot

Based between San Francisco and Vancouver, Small Lot is an emerging name in the vegan, sustainable footwear game. Simple, elegant, and above all functional, their shoes are perfect for a day of shopping or sitting beachside.

Instagram: @smalllotco

Menswear Focused

James Coward

This menswear line has done a great job of staying small, but more importantly, staying around. With a focus on shapes and materials, the designers create timeless looks, without ever getting stagnant or uninspired.

Instagram: @jamescoward

Speed Parts

This is the latest venture from the people behind the much-loved Explorer’s Press line. This time around, they’re focusing on car culture, which results in some pretty hilarious tee shirts and accessories. Good bumper stickers, too.

Instagram: @speedparts.shop

Studio A-OK

It’s hard to sum up Studio A-OK. The fun designs pull from a variety of inspirations, but usually centre around vintage psychedelia and pop culture. And while we’re popping this in the menswear section, the t-shirts are absolutely unisex options.

Instagram: @_studioaok


If you want to back a new brand from early stages, then this is the name to follow. Some in-the-know readers will appreciate that the guy behind it was an apparel designer for HAVEN clothing and their collaborations for years. He’s starting with simple t-shirts, but we’re excited to see where things go.

Instagram: @adapture.co


When direct-to-consumer works, hoo boy, does it work big time. Specializing in made-to-measure formal wear, INDOCHINO has become one of the best known names for Vancouver clothing brands, and for good reason- incredible value on high quality pieces, from simple shirts to full-blown 3-piece suits.

Instagram: @indochino

Womenswear Focused


Aritzia can do no wrong, from their actual clothing to their various social initiatives and the absolutely killer social media presence. Fun fact- Aritzia is also one of the oldest brands on this list, having started way back in 1984. We have a feeling they’re not stopping anytime soon.

Instagram: @aritzia

A Bronze Age

With a local on local construction and feminine silhouettes, A Bronze Age is a great casual brand to know any time of year, but especially in the summer. Quality comes at a cost, but rest easy knowing the pieces will be a staple part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Instagram: @abronzeage


This brand is still quite small but makes some seriously stunning pieces using 100% reclaimed materials. We’re talking about items like vests, jackets, dresses, and a whole lot more. We love the focus on sustainability and can’t wait to see where this brand goes!

Instagram: @_Fortiv_


Julie Roussy Newton creates amazing handmade pieces featuring natural dyes and hand-embroidered accents. She makes items ranging from intimates to one-of-a-kind tops, jackets, dresses, and more. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of sustainable brands.

Instagram: @hijulez

Smash + Tess

Another breakthrough hit to come out of Vancouver, Smash + Tess has dominated the romper market for the past few years, including collaborations with names like MEC, Brunette the Label, and even Barbie.

Instagram: @smashtess


Herschel Supply

Although the owners are from Saskatchewan (Herschel refers to a small town out there), they founded the company in Vancouver. And of course, this is the final of the Vancouver clothing brands to have reached global fame. Their products are affordable and functional, so we’re down with it.

Instagram: @herschelsupply

Erin Templeton

For years, Erin Templeton has been crafting fantastic and affordable bags. The main line is great, but we suggest checking out the range of recycled and upcycled products, using old leather or other fabrics to do so. Either way, this is a staple brand to know about in the city.

Instagram: @erin_templeton

AW by Andrea Wong

This brand specializes in bags and accessories, from cosmetic bags and backpacks. Everything is handmade with care and meant to last, but still features amazing touches, finishes and lines. We really like the grocery bags for sale.

Instagram: @awbyandreawong


This brand started out with backpacks, but then went on to make some of the best crossbody bags we’ve ever seen, and at great prices too. If you’re looking for a great bag to just have on-the-go, then we seriously can’t recommend them enough.

Instagram: @taikaneverything

Wolf Circus

Specializing in demi-fine, unisex jewelry, Wolf Circus is the perfect choice for that little extra touch to any outfit. And, it doesn’t hurt that alongside the great designs, they use reclaimed materials, freshwater pearls, and lab-created gemstones to reduce their ecological and environmental footprint.

Instagram: @wolf_circus


To cap this list off, we’ve got one of the most ambitious brands in Canada, if not North America. Londre specializes in women’s swimwear and bodywear, but with a serious twist- all of their pieces are made primarily from recycled water bottles (minus zippers and stuff), and they’re intensely involved in initiatives to help save the ocean and waterfront areas.

Instagram: @londrebodywear

There you have, our most recent update to the list of Vancouver clothing brands that you should definitely know about. Shop with confidence and support local, folks!