Howdy folks! Fun fact- the list of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants was released today, and BC definitely got its fair share of picks. Well, Vancouver more specifically, but more on that in a second. The list is the result of a national panel of 103 judges from the industry, who each submit a top ten list, and then that gets averaged out.

But that’s kind of boring, let’s talk about which spots got the nod. A whopping 19 out of the 20 picks were in Vancouver, with only Pilgrimme (on Galiano Island) being included. And no cuisine was left unturned, with everything from French Canadian to upscale Chinese restaurants landing on there.

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But enough about that, here’s the list in full:

2. St. Lawrence
12. Kissa Tanto
19. Hawksworth
24. Boulevard
33. La Quercia
39. Botanist
40. L’Abattoir
55. Como Taperia
58. Masayoshi
59. Cioppino’s
65. Savio Volpe
72. Mott 32
76. Elisa
80. The Pear Tree
82. Pilgrimme
88. Published
91. Nightingale
92. Tojo
97. Annalena
99. Maenam

Yeah, we think that’s a fair roundup and listing. We’re happy to see that a newcomer like Published got onto the list. Same with Masayoshi and Tojo, which we actually included in our guide to the best sushi in the city last year.

We see these 19/20 restaurants as a great bucket list for every Vancouver foodie. Are we sad that the Acorn didn’t land on there? Sure, but this is still a great start.

If you’d like to check out the list of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants in full, just click here!