As spring rolls around, we’ve developed a whole new appetite for the restaurants popping up in the city. Oh, who are we kidding? This appetite isn’t new. But the food spots sure are! These new Toronto restaurants are the latest and greatest you’ve got to hit this spring.

Here are 15 new restaurants in Toronto to check out this spring.


new toronto restaurants

Celebrity Chef Matty Matheson has been dropping major hints about his latest project in the city. This delicious spot, in partnership with Chef Kate Chomyshyn and Chef Julio Guajardo, will be taking on all things Mexican. They’ve been dropping mouth-watering hints on Instagram for the joint that’s opening soon!

Where: Check it out on Instagram


TLC junkies will be excited to hear about Canada’s very first Carlo’s Bakery location. The famous Cake Boss spot is right here in the GTA and serving up all the delicious items you’ve seen on your screen. From crazy cakes to more classic bakery goodies. Yum!

Where: 167 Lakeshore Rd W


new toronto restaurants

Nothing celebrates warm weather better than BBQ, right? This new joint is serving up the very best of that. You can stop by for incredible menu items like insane burgers, sandos, and more.

Where: 1216 St Clair Ave W

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Enjoy snacks from all over the world at this next delicious pick. The new Toronto pop-up is serving snacks from everywhere this spring. Their flavours are so authentic, you’ll feel like you’ve actually travelled to these destinations, not just tasted them!

Where: Check it out on Instagram


Ready-made-meals are at your fingertips with this next food spot in Toronto. Okay, so this one’s more of a grocery-restaurant hybrid than a straight resto. But still, it’s worth mentioning. The meal kits from here require no extra assembly and are created with chef-level expertise.

Where: 242 King St E


Konz pizza

We are borderline embarrassed by how excited we are for this next pick to hit Toronto. This spring, we’ll be able to order up pizza cones from Konz Pizza. The famous B.C. joint is expanding to Toronto and we’re more ready than ever. They’ve got quick at easy eats that are fun at any age.

Where: 1029 King St W


It’s right in the title of this new spot: food and wine! What could be better? You’ll find all the best pairings in grab & go format at this gorgeous takeout joint. The spot offers artisanal sandwiches and tasty bites that give it a serious European vibe.

Where: 290 Harbord St


new toronto restaurants

This dessert joint has perfected the science of ice cream. Now that the weather is warming up, we’re diving head first into cold treats. Starting here with their delicious pints in all kinds of crazy flavours. The high-quality spot offers cones and pints that are handcrafted to perfection.

Where: 390 Queens Quay W


You can’t go wrong with bread! This spot has all the fresh-baked deliciousness and carb fan would love. From croissants to sourdough to chocolate filled beignets. There’s no going wrong with an order from here.

Where: 1134 Dundas St W


Speaking of bread-like desserts, there’s also this gorgeous spot to check out. You can order handcrafted strudels right to your door all season long. The sweet and flakey dessert is perfect as a gift or for treating yourself.

Where: Check it out on Instagram


new toronto restaurants

If you think you’ve tried every macaron flavour out there, think again. This new spot in Toronto has mastered the art of creative cooking. They’ve got all the classics like creme brûlée and matcha, plus some crazy picks like cheeseburger and corn. Trust us, you’ve got to see this place for yourself.

Where: Check it out on Instagram


This new pop-up is serving the city’s best ceviches, seafood cocktails, tacos, and more. They’ve only been around for about two weeks but they’re already wracking in quite the fan base. But hey – who doesn’t love ceviches, seafood cocktails, and tacos??

Where: 5 Mercer St


Satisfy your sweet tooth with California donuts from this new Toronto restaurant. The spot has desserts in every flavour, that are available for pickup or delivery Wednesday – Sunday. You can’t go wrong with donuts!

Where: 832 Dundas St


new restaurants

Chef Mike Lewis truly outdid himself with these next two new Toronto restaurants. They’re both virtual databases serving up some of the best eats in town. Laid Fresh focuses on all day breakfast. Their menu is stacked with all the bite you need to make your morning beautiful

Where: Check it out online


The other new restaurant from Chef Mike Lewis is all about fried chicken. Get your comfort food fix with the incredible eats offered here. They have all the classic sandwiches you’d expect. Plus, a whole host of Asian-inspired sides.

Where: Check it out online

So get out there and check out these new Toronto restaurants today! We know we’ll be stopping by them all this spring.