We all know that 2020 has been hard. And while tonight we’ll be saying goodbye to a tough year, that means we’ll also be saying goodbye to a bunch of great Vancouver restaurants. The pandemic has hit Vancouver foodies hard, so we made a rundown of Vancouver restaurants that had to close their doors this year.

The Reef

This Caribbean food mainstay was one of Vancouver’s most interesting restaurants. Sadly, the ongoing restrictions due to COVID-19 meant that they closed their Main Street spot back in October. But, if you’re craving their delicious sauces, you can still buy them online!

The Sardine Can

Here’s another spot that was beloved by guests. Focusing on drinks and small plates, this tiny spot in Gastown was around for over 8 years before closing permanently in 2020. Here’s hoping they open a specialty grocery store or something next.

The Tuck Shoppe

Often called one of the best sandwich shops in Vancouver, The Tuck Shoppe closed both of its locations before the end of February. It’s one of the few on this list that ended up saying goodbye to Vancouver, without having COVID-19 as the main reason.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

tuc craft kitchen

Tuc Craft Kitchen was a great place to stop by and indulge in some comfort food or a delicious cocktail for the last 7 years. The restaurant had to close its doors in late August with a very heartfelt message on their Instagram.

The Pear Tree

This Burnaby staple had to close its doors this summer as well. With an increase in rent, the restaurant was unable to continue to serve high-quality food to the lower mainland after 23 years. Very sad!


This great Chinatown joint had to serve its last pretzel in early October. Bestie, which has been dishing up great German street food for 7 years, bid its sad good-bye on Instagram. Here’s hoping another low-key sausage spot pops up to fill the void.


Speaking of German food, this upscale Gastown restaurant (weirdly from the infamous director Uwe Boll) shuttered back in the summer. The fine-dining establishment was one of the most unique in the city, with a price tag to match.

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most underrated restaurants Vancouver juniper

This one actually came before the pandemic really became an issue. Right at the start of this year, this Chinatown spot known for amazing gin and tonic combos closed its doors for good.

What’s Up? Hot Dog!

This quirky East Van spot was known for their unique takes on the classic hot dog. Lucky for us, the vegan spot Bad Apple has replaced them in the same location. Now, we can combine delicious, hearty food with somewhat healthier ingredients. Nice!

The Metropole

Many great nights were had at the Metropole. Cheap drinks and loud music were their modus operandi and that’s getting harder to find in Vancouver. They closed their doors in the fall.

Frenchies Diner

Fans of poutine will have to mourn the loss of this Main Street location. Frenchies on Main had to close down due to a big fire they had a few months ago. One less great fry place for us to duck into.



Announcing its departure in the summer, this Italian eats spot on Main was a go-to for amazing pasta. A blow to pasta is a blow to everything as far as we’re concerned.

Angus Bakery and Cafe

After two decades of delicious bread and coffee, this Vancouver bakery is closing its doors. Less bread in the city is for sure a blow, take it from us bread-heads.

Musette Cafe

Where else could you bring in your bike to have some food? Musette was the spot for Vancouver cyclists looking for an accepting space, which makes it all the sadder to see it go.

Mamie Taylor’s

mamie taylors

This American comfort food spot with funky decor shuttered its doors in February. While it’s before the pandemic, it’s still a reminder of how hard it is to run a restaurant even in the good times!

It’s never fun to say good-bye to some amazing restaurants in the city. Some great spots have disappeared due to the effects of the pandemic, and we hope that their chefs, cooks, bartenders, staff, and owners can find new avenues to dazzle us with their creations.