Temperatures may be on the decline, but we’re still in patio mode. Luckily, there are a few places that are still rocking outdoor dining options. Not sure where you can still go to go to grab a beer and some fresh air? Here are 20 cozy heated patios to check out in Calgary.


Located on 17th Avenue, Chilitos Taberna offers incredible food and one of the coziest patios on the strip! Not only is it mostly covered, but the patio also has a ton of too-hot-to-handle heaters and a huge selection of tequila – meaning that you’ll be warmed from the outside as well as the inside!

Where: 1309 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @ChilitosTaberna


A heated, dog-friendly patio with TVs? At Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub, customers can enjoy all the luxuries of being home, except you’ll be outside, with access to 300 different beers and better food. This patio is also incredibly comfortable come rain, shine, wind or worse thanks to its partial awning that covers you from any storms or extreme heat.

Where: 140 10 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @BottlescrewBills



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Inspired by Nashville’s greatest Calgary’s newest country bar has finally opened in Calgary. Here guests can not only eat and drink to their heart’s content, they can also dance, sing, enjoy live entertainment and stay cozy on their patio!

Where: 1012 17 Ave SW Calgary AB
Instagram: @whiskeyroseyyc



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Calgary’s Rooftop Bar is a must-visit. Not only can you see the inner city from this paradise-type patio, but diners can also sneak a peek of the Bow River. The best part? Besides their unreal POV, and their incredible NYC-style pizza menu – they’re prepared for good and great weather, night or day thanks to their MANY heaters. Check this one out!

Where: 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary
Instagram: @RTBSimmons



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Ah, another 17th avenue gem! Serving some mean BBQ, hefty sides and cold drinks, Calgary’s Comery Block also has an incredibly cozy extended patio, with heaters and umbrellas, just in case it rains. For those who live downtown, it’s conveniently located, it’s great for people watching and as we’ve already suggested – the food is pretty freaking fantastic if you have the meats. 

Where: 638 17th Avenue SW
Instagram: @ComeryBlock



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Bonterra’s patio is a hidden gem. Designed with Italy in mind, this outdoor haven is covered, heated, and has a working fireplace that guests are encouraged to snuggle up next to. Also, the food here is unreal. Pasta, wine, views? We couldn’t ask for more.

Where: 1016 8 Street SW, Calgary
Instagram: @BonterraCalgary



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Alright, Calgary, if you’ve never been to the A1 Bodega and taken a seat on their patio, there’s no time like the present! This beautiful little hideaway is exactly that – covered, private and airy, but also heated and comfortable. Check it out before it’s too late!

Where: 1213 1 St SW, Calgary
Instagram: @A1cafe.ca


Let’s start things off with a biggie. With 2, their patio at the very back of the resto AND their patio on the side of the resto diners have a choice; however, it’s their enclosed area where you’ll find yourself catching the warm fuzzies. Not only is it mostly covered, but it also has heaters for those chillier days.

Where: 1136 Kensington Road NW, Calgary
Instagram: @HaydenBlockYYC



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Ricardo’s Hideaway is where you’ll definitely find one of the coziest patios in the inner city. From their fireplace and heaters to tropical plants and trees,  they’ve got one of the most comfortable, aesthetically pleasant patios on 17th Avenue.

Where: 1530 5 St SW, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @RicardosYYC



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Broken city doesn’t only bring the party, they also bring the heat. With heaters and live performances every so often these guys offer an incredibly comfortable, entertaining, delicious experience,

Where: 613 11th Avenue SW
Instagram: @TheBrokenCity

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This 17th Ave hot spot is great for spring or summer nights when the sun goes down and things get a bit nippy. Grab your coat, a drink, and an appetizer or two, then sit next to their large outdoor fireplaces while you people watch. What could be better?

Where: 514 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @LivingroomYYC


Last Best Brewing’s patio was practically built for chilly weather. With heaters and even a fire pit, you’re almost guaranteed to stay comfortable. Also, the ambiance here in the evening is a total 10/10. After all who doesn’t love a little mood lighting?

Where: 607 11 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @LastBestBrew



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Get your hair cut and then enjoy a cozy autumn night on Cannibale’s patio. This bar-bershop hybrid is heated overhead and has an outdoor fireplace – which if you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of a sucker for.

Where: 813 1 Ave NE, Calgary
Instagram: @Cannibale_YYC


CRAFT’s 10th avenue heated rooftop patio gives us major ‘adult summer camp’ vibes. With games, fairy lights, and even a VW van parked table side – not only will you stay warm and cozy you’ll stay entertained.

Where: 345 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @CraftBeerMarket



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Free House Local Craft Beer and Food Hall has an unreal patio. It’s huge, it’s heated, it gets a ton of sun and it’s got a pretty cute view of the Kensington Neighbourhood. We would definitely recommend checking this place out!

Where: 1153 Kensington Cres NW
Instagram: @FreeHouseYYC



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Chances are, that if you’ve ever been to a Cactus Club then you were probably expecting this spot to make the list. As a resto with several locations all over the place, they’ve kind of perfected the art of keeping people warm and cozy while they enjoy their meal.

Where: See locations here
Instagram: @CactusClubCafe



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With overhead heaters that line the balcony and their new fire pit – which is nearly impossible to reserve due to its popularity, we couldn’t not include this on on our list. National is already an incredibly welcoming place no matter the location but this one is something special.

Where: 550 17 Avenue SW, Calgary
Instagram: @ntnlcalgary


People watching with a mouthful of tacos? That’s what we’d consider time well spent and man, do we know the perfect spot for exactly that! Order a margarita, stuff your face with a few tortillas, and creep it real under the overhead heaters on an autumn afternoon at Blancos on 17th Avenue!

Where: 723 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Blancoyyc



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National on 10th ave is the place you go for a cold beer and a different point of view. Do you get a perfect panorama of downtown? No, but that’s not to say it isn’t a beaut. What’s even better though, is the fact that this bad boy is heated – meaning you can enjoy it on chillier days as well as the smouldering ones.

Where: 341 10 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Ntnl10



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With an enclosed heated patio and food that will warm you from the inside out, Lulu Bar is a must-hit, Seriously, guys, go for the food, stay for the warmth and enjoy yourselves. We can almost guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Where: 510 17 Avenue SW, Calgary
Instagram: @TheLuluBar

There you have it, friends. 20 heated patios in Calgary that can still be enjoyed on the chillier days. Now go on and get out there, friends! Happy patio season!