Happy Monday, folks! We’re here to help out all of you who are looking for some great local shops in Vancouver to find amazing gifts this holiday season. Because, why bite your nails looking at Amazon delivery times when you can support local businesses and find even better options?

So, here are 15 local shops for holiday gifts this season. We decided to arrange them based on the kind of stuff they sell, as well!


One of a Few

While this much-loved shop in Gastown specializes in womenswear, they have a whole host of gifts available too. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect sweater or a stocking stuffer, make sure to check them out.

Where: 353 Water Street

Wallace Mercantile Shop

If you want that special fella in your life looking his best, then consider stopping at this amazing menswear store on Main Street. From winter coats to hats and socks, they have great products to fit every budget.

Where: 4219 Main Street


With three different stores for menswear, womenswear, and ‘objects’, Neighbour is a great trio of stores for all the fashionistas on your list. Plus, they’re all about 1 block away from each other, making this one of the easiest destinations for shopping on this list.

Where: 12 Water St #125, 45 Powell Street and 51 Powell Street

Mintage Mall

If you’re after vintage clothing, then Mintage Mall should be first on your list. The space is actually a collection of about a half dozen vendors, with everything ranging from cheap as chips old hats to super expensive band tees. Plus, they have a sale on Christmas sweaters going on right now.

Where: 245 E Broadway

Roden Gray

A little-known fact about this upscale menswear store is that they’re one of the few in the city to carry the Vans Vault line. Featuring collaborations with everyone from MoMA to Anderson .PaaK, this range is perfect for the Vans lover in your life.

Where: 8 Water Street


Inform Interiors

Without a doubt, Inform is one of the most well-known furniture and design stores in Canada. But for good reason, since they offer everything from art books and salt shakers to some of the craziest couches you’ve ever seen.

Where: 50 Water Street

Old Faithful Shop

This shop really hit the nail on the head with its name, because we can walk in here any day of the year and leave with a nice addition to our home. From blankets to posters to books, and everything in between, this shop has options for any Vancouverite.

Where: 320 W Cordova Street

Vancouver Special

This independent design store in Mount Pleasant specializes in contemporary design from Vancouver and beyond. If that special someone in your life is lamenting that they don’t have a Scandinavian-inspired key tray, this should be your first stop to find one.

Where: 3612 Main Street


This shop on Cambie Street offers tons of everyday items and focuses on using Vancouver brands when possible. Clothing, stationery, ceramics, and more are available here. Check them out for some stocking stuffers, and see if you don’t stumble across a bigger gift that you love.

Where: 3408 Cambie Street


The newest addition to this list of local shops in Vancouver, Cadine started as an online shop before setting up a brick and mortar earlier this year. So, if you’ve seen them while browsing Instagram before, know that you can now check out the amazing selection in person!

Where: 3345 Cambie Street


Ming Wo

While they had to close their Chinatown location this February, Ming Wo has continued on as a Vancouver staple for all your kitchen needs. They’ve had some time to perfect their offering, as they’ve been in business for over 100 years! Now that’s a legacy we want to support.

Where: 2170 W 4th Ave and 2707 Granville St

Massy Books

This new and used book store in Chinatown is 100% Indigenous-owned and is focused on creating an inclusive community for book lovers of all backgrounds in the city. Hey, we love books, and we love social enterprises. So, for us, this is a no-brainer while gift shopping.

Where: 229 E. Georgia Street


It might surprise you, but the folks at Curiocity don’t shy away from indulging in a little jazz cabbage every now and again. So, we’re happy that a shop like ALL DAY BREAKFAST exists. Think of it as the foil of all those seedy, grungy head shops you used to visit to buy a $5 acrylic bong that looks like a skull.

Where: 436 Columbia Street

Wolf Circus

We love the demi-fine jewelry that Wolf Circus is making, and they have curbside pickup available in Vancouver, so we’re including them. Drawing inspiration from artists like Matisse and Joan Miro, this brand is the perfect mix of design and value.

Where: 343 Railway St Unit 402

Polygon Gallery

This North Vancouver art gallery has enlisted the help of Natasha Neal (who is behind Little Mountain Shop) to curate a selection of gifts for the holidays. Plus, this is one of the best spots in the city for finding unique and beautiful prints and art objects.

Where: 101 Carrie Cates Court

And that’s our list of amazing local shops in Vancouver to check out while holiday shopping this year. Good look crossings off your lists, folks!