Vancouver has no shortage of creative talent, and we’re not talking about Chip Wilson or Seth Rogen when we say this. Thanks to a couple of our friends who are hip to the jive, we’ve pulled together a list of the best Instagram accounts in Vancouver. Ranging from meme pages to underground art galleries, we think we did an alright job.

Here are 14 Instagram accounts that you should follow in 2019.



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The best meme account in the city, hands down. Follow for some scorching hot takes on everything from Van’s fashion sense to our club scene to the pitfalls of running a meme page. Because self-deprecation is always funny.



With an equal amount of posts making fun of the Vancouver housing crisis and showcasing the best stuff for sale on Craig’s list, @craigsbest rides the line between interior design savvy and classic Vancouver malaise. Bonus follow- his new venture @_studioaok alongside a couple of buddies.


chinatown stropky

Minimal tattoo design at its best. Before you think you can just walk into Black Medicine to get a flash piece from him, know that his books are closed for the foreseeable future. And no, don’t DM him about it.



The person behind @wolf_circus, Fiona offers an honest look at the inner workings of one of the hottest brands in the city.


sara gourlay

The creative director of the vintage powerhouse that is @frankiecollective. Sara’s fashion sense puts her at the top of Vancouver’s pyramid and would put your favourite LA influencer to shame.


rick raf simons

Another major player in Vancouver’s reworking scene. Split between custom pieces and creative projects at Stussy, she’s put herself in the same league as @avanope in a few short years.


kiko bean

A talented photographer and stylist, Kiko is living the life most Vancouverites can only dream of. The contrast between soft and hard, feminine and masculine on her page speaks volumes about Vancouver.


alana paterson

One of the best storytellers through photography, Alana shoots everything from sports to studio to editorial to still life. Highly versatile, never dull.



Resident photographer for Stussy, and frankly, a major reason why they’ve blown up so hard in the past few years. Fashion, lifestyle, and action shots all flow seamlessly.


sneeze mag

The coolest magazine on the planet, don’t try to tell us otherwise. There’s a reason why every issue sells out within days worldwide, follow them to find out when the next one drops.


crack gallery

The few times a year when crack gallery hosts a show, you can expect to see something unlike anything else in Vancouver. From local artists to underground kings, crack gallery deserves every bit of support they get.



Probably best described as contemporary/avante-garde photography, @mescondi brings a much needed vision of play and colour to an otherwise serious and dreary city. He’s also got a knack for picking out the coolest kids around.


ian lanterman

A veteran of still life and fashion photography, Lanterman has created an aesthetic that is often emulated, never replicated. He also shoots most (if not all) of the stuff for @shopneighbour.


pacific rhythm

Pacific rhythm organizes some of the best parties and house concerts in Vancouver. Follow them, attend their next event, and find out why it feels so great to stay out late.

And there’s our roundup, Vancouver. We might have missed your favourite and we’re sorry, but this is an arbitrary list that we will be updating regularly.