The holiday season is in full swing and we know that at least a few of you are looking to get cozy and watch some holiday flicks. That being said, you probably know all the classics. So, why not check out some Christmas adjacent films, whether you’re the biggest fan of the holiday or couldn’t care less, these films are worth the watch.

Here are 12 unique Christmas adjacent movies for the holiday season.


A little horror, a little comedy, a little Christmas. If you’re looking for a film with the perfect trio and the undertones of a bad Christmas, Krampus is for you. Watch as a boy and his family deal with his accidental summoning of the ultimate Christmas demon.

In Bruges

Anti Christmas? In Bruges has you covered, a dark comedy crime film with all sorts of twists and turns to keep you entertained. Think a hitman’s take on the merriest holiday of the year. Certainly unique isn’t it?

Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus is an interesting pick. It’s not an obvious Christmas flick but its religious nature and the cameos present in it make it worth throwing on the list. Now we won’t give any more details, go watch this one if you’re feeling adventurous.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

A sad POW movie ultimately about morality. What could possibly be Christmassy about it? Well, the title of course which is a statement said in the movie. This one may be a bit of a reach but the Ryuichi Sakamoto score makes it worth it either way.

Wings of Desire

Here’s another film that isn’t explicitly a Christmas movie but definitely has the feeling of it. This 1987 romance film is about angels who roam Berlin and remain invisible to humans. One angel ultimately falls in love with a mortal and you’ll have to see what happens next. You don’t want to miss this one.


It’s set at Christmas and it’s a good movie, how could we not include it? Everyone’s favourite water-hating creatures are sure to be a fan favourite during the holidays. Kinda like the Grinch but a little cuter right?

The Apartment

There’s a lot of debaucheries that happen during the holiday season. Why not watch a 1960’s flick about it? You’ll get some good old retro vibes, some laughs and you’ll find a new movie you like that’s holiday-centric and not Elf.

Life of Brian

You can’t go wrong with Monty Python’s classic Life of Brian. If you haven’t watched this flick before it’s about Brian of Nazareth who happens to have been born in the stable next to Jesus also on Christmas. He spends his life mistaken for a messiah and the result is pretty dang funny.

L.A. Confidential

It’s set at Christmas, has a Bing Crosby soundtrack, and is full of plenty of festive lighting. Sure it’s also a tale of murders but hey why not spice up Christmas a bit. After all, a good Christmas adjacent film is sure to be at least a little more fun than the classics.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Sure this is a classic Christmas film, probably one of the more famous ones. But we’re including it because it’s not exactly the cheeriest film considering it’s about someone contemplating death. That being said, it is a great reminder that things do indeed get better.

Three Days of the Condor

A spy thriller with themes of Christmas sprinkled throughout. What could be a better sort of flick to watch this holiday season? You’ll get a taste of murder, romance, and themes of loneliness. It’s also got some great 70s vibes for a little blast from the past.

The Family Stone

We could probably all use a good laugh after this year so finish the holiday season with this Christmas comedy. You’ll get to watch as an uptight businesswoman navigates her boyfriend’s much more free-spirited family. Nothing like good old family dynamics right?

See some oldies? Some flicks you’ve never heard of? Whatever the case may be, enjoy and happy holidays!