Every day is a good day for a burger and lucky for us, Canada’s best patties can be found right here in our city. From fully loaded to smash burgers to the classic patty on a bun, there’s no end to the flavour. So get out there and indulge in Toronto’s best burgers from these beloved spots.

Here are 13 of the best burger options for your next cheat-day meal in Toronto.

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This quick-service burger joint has several locations around the city. If you’re too hungry to wait, this is the spot you need to go — they’ll make your burger combo in a matter of minutes. In addition to cheeseburgers, you’ll find chicken burgers, wings, and soft-serve ice cream on the menu too.

Where: 73 St Nicholas Street


Indulge in as-seen-on-TV delicious burgers when you hit up Pigot’s this National Burger Day. The spot was made famous in Calgary after Chef Pigot made his television debut winning on the Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games. They serve classic American-style burgers with a special signature sauce.

Where: 1 Adelaide Street



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This Kensington Market spot is known for its unique take on burgers. Their menu is full of one-of-a-kind creations you won’t find anywhere else.

We’d recommend just about anything on this menu, but we’ve got to highlight The Bazooka Jr. This insane creation comes with a beef patty, sautéed hot peppers, jack cheese, and spicy chipotle aioli, all topped with a runny fried egg.

Where: 269 Augusta Avenue


You just can’t miss the sky-high burgers this next joint is serving up. With three Toronto locations, The Bullger quickly earned a place in the hearts and stomachs of locals.

These wild burgers are piled high with loads of unbelievable toppings and you can get your patty smashed between two grilled cheese buns.

Where: See all locations here


This delicious burger spot is a must-hit. With its namesake from celebrity Chef Matty Matheson, it’s already loaded with hype. But don’t worry, it lives up.

The menu has all your classics: single, double, and cheeseburgers, plus incredible toppings like the famous Matty’s Pattys sauce or pickled jalapeño mayo. Stop by for walk-up takeout any day of the week.

Where: 923A Queen Street West


Everyone loves Ozzy’s! This burger chain is known for its mouthwatering flavour combinations and chef’s kiss-worthy patties.

Not only do locals love it, but celebs too! Jason Momoa was spotted at this gourmet burger joint in Kensington Market in October 2021.

WhereSee all locations here



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These mouth-watering creations will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. Harry’s Charbroiled serves, well, charbroiled smash burgers cooked to perfection, all in a quirky Christmas-themed setting.

There are tons of great menu items to try, but we have to recommend the Harry’s Red and Green Burger. It’s made with pork chorizo and topped with all the fixings. Trust us on this one.

Where: 293 Palmerston Ave



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Extra, extra, read all about it! These delicious burgers are the best in the show. With mouthwatering menu items like ground chuck burgers with American cheese and secret sauce, there’s seriously no going wrong. We’re drooling just thinking about it!

Where: 1265 Dundas Street West 



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This spot’s menu may be short, but what they do offer, they’ve perfected. Stop by any of their Toronto locations to sink your teeth into perfectly crafted burgers.

There’s the Rudy Classic, a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and Rudy sauce. Then, there’s the Rude Dude, a double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and Rudy sauce. Plus, the Valentino, a crispy chicken sandwich with coleslaw, Valentino sauce, and hot sauce.

Where: See all locations here



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This next spot is so wild it’ll have you saying “holy chuck!” Sorry, we had to. The menu is stacked with specialty burgers you’re sure to love.

There are tons of creative options to choose from, but we have to recommend The Raging Bull. It comes with maple smoked bacon, cheese, and sautéed hot peppers, cooked in their house-made spicy chipotle sauce.

Where: 1450 Yonge Street 


national burger day
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You’ll have to venture out to Scarborough to enjoy this next pick, but trust us it is worth the trip. The hole-in-the-wall vibe of this Toronto spot packs one of the best flavour punches in town. No wonder they’ve been in the city for over 50 years!

We recommend sampling their Banquet Burger. Made with a charbroiled beef patty and topped with bacon and cheese, there’s really no going wrong.

Where: 2595 Victoria Park Avenue



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Drop everything and hit up the oh-so-delicious Burger Drops. This Liberty Village joint is serving up some of the tastiest burgers in town. They specialize in smash burgers and fries, loaded with tons of incredible toppings.

Where: 116 Atlantic Avenue


Last but not least, we’ve got one of Toronto’s more creative options. Shamrock Burger is a rock-themed spot known for its out-there jumbo burgers items like the Canadiana burger topped with poutine or the Gaelic with sun-dried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and lemon tarragon aioli. There are seriously no dull options here.

Where: 6109 Kingston Road

Happy eating, Toronto!