By 12 years old, what major archeological discoveries had you made? Oh, none? Yeah, same here, fam. Before Nathan Hrushkin from Calgary even graduated Jr. High, he was credited with the ‘significant discovery’ of a rare Duckbill dinosaur skeleton.

Now, we certainly won’t speak for the masses, but we’re pretty sure that makes us a total shmuck. The most notable thing we ever did at that age, was negligently trade away a Pokemon card that would someday be worth $1,000.

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Hrushkin actually discovered the bone earlier in July while hiking Horseshoe Canyon with his dad, Dion, but Despite frequently hitting the dusty trails in Alberta’s Badlands, never before had they seen anything quite like this.

After making their discovery, the pair actually sent a photo to the nearby Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, where it was confirmed to be a young hadrosaur skeleton. Something that, according to paleontologists, is an extremely rare find for the area.

In an interview with Global News, the museum said that the two displayed a “textbook example” of what anyone who finds anything on the badlands should do. Don’t touch anything, note the location of your find, and then contact them!

Since the find – and because they handled it so well – the team has even been able to find several other bones in the surrounding area.

As for Nathan, well, we’re pretty sure Hrushkin has a pretty bright future ahead of him. Happy for you, kiddo. Envious… but happy for you.