At this point, you and your pup have been likely together every day for over an entire year, so the separation anxiety is REAL. This spring, don’t bother leaving your best fur friend at home to miss you, bring the little rascal out for a drink – if only just to say thank you for all of that companionship throughout quarantine. Here are 12 of our favourite pet-friendly patios in Calgary!


The Rose and Crown Pub is one of Calgary’s favourite pet-friendly joints. Located minutes away from a ton of Calgary’s best parks, this place is prime for spending a day with your furbaby! This spring, grab a brew and a bite while you and your put enjoy some fresh air and good ol’ people watching.

Where: 1503 4 St SW, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @RoseAndCrownYYC


Delicious hotspot Donna Mac has a wonderful pet-friendly patio, however, there’s kind of a catch. If we’re being honest, it’s just common courtesy, but if you have a ‘Marley & Me-type’ you’re going to have to leave them at home! And by that, we mean Donna Mac just asks that your dogs are well-behaved.

Where: 1002 9 St SW, Calgary
Instagram: @DonnaMacYYC

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YYC pups LOVE the Vin Room. Not only do they have several locations across the city each just as paw-sitively accommodating as the next they’ll also treat your dog as if they were also a paying customer. Though their patios are on the smaller side, the wine bar will give Fido complimentary treats and a custom-made dog bed.

Where: 2310 4 St SW, Calgary
Instagram: @VinRoomYYC


Despite only having one pet-friendly table on their patio right now due to COVID, we figured that this one would still be important to mention. Ebarcardero actually has a private space reserved just for your special little floof and we appreciate that. After all, it’s still just another place where you can eat well and spend time with your furry pal!

Where: 208 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @EmbarcarderoOysterBar


The folks at Bookers really, really love dogs – no matter the size or the breed. If they’ve got a woofer, they’re more than welcome to join you and their staff under the sun for a drink and some meat. We’re not sure who’s going to love this place and their pet-friendly patio more, you or your dog.

Where: #10 316 3rd Street SE
Recent Posts: @BookersBBQYYC


Thirsty? Our friends at the Marda Loop Brewing Co. love your dog almost as much as you do and are thrilled when you come through with a pooch. Good beer, cute pups, and fresh air? There’s really nothing better.

Where: 3523 – 18th Street SW
Instagram: @CaffeBeano


One Night Stan’s was actually the very first spot on 17th Ave to have a pet-friendly patio. Leash up your good boy and find a spot along the sunny strip because the only thing that could possibly make their Mac and Cheese any better, is good company – and we think your pooch might just be the best dining partner of all.

Where: 520 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @1NightStans


Una Pizza and Wine on 17th ave is where a glass of wine and legendary ‘za awaits. Because they’ve really embraced the puppy-patio thing, It’s definitely not uncommon to walk by on 17th Ave and see more fluffy friends than people, and we love that.

Where: 618 17th Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @UnaCalgary


A full stomach, full glass, and a full heart? At the Beltliner, the most important meal of the day is even better with their pet-friendly patio. Stop by and have one of their signature caesars and a plate of bacon and then dog watch until your eyes hurt.

Where: 243 12th Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @TheBeltliner


This spring, roll through the Guild with your furry friend and enjoy a drink for you, an appie or two, and a bag of tasty treats for your pup. These folks really take pride in their pet-friendly patio and are more than happy to accommodate you and your pet. Ah, the service!

Where: 200 8 Avenue SW, Calgary
Instagram: @TheGuildCalgary


Apparently, not only is Caffe Beano popular amongst hipsters or skaters, but it’s also inevitable for pups! or the pups! This spring, stroll down 17th and grab some incredible eats and something either on ice or piping hot, and relax with your best friend!

Where: 1613 9 St SW, Calgary
Instagram: @CaffeBeano


Located right next door to Cold Garden, The Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Company may as well just be an on-leash park with beer. This is a fantastic, super-friendly spot with cold drinks, wonderful staff, and a great pet-friendly patio.

Where: 1103 12 St SE
Instagram: @Ol_BeautifulBrewingCo

There you have it, folks! Some of the most pet-friendly patios in Calgary! Man, we can’t wait until the sun is out and the patios are set up and ready for us again! Which one do you plan on hitting first?