If there’s anything this pandemic has gifted us with, it’s a major sense of wanderlust. Never in our lives have we craved a trip to ANYWHERE. If you’re also planning your post-pandemic jaunt across the country, let us help you choose where to go. These underrated towns in Canada may be lesser-known, but they are no less exciting. Every one of these hidden gems offers unique perks you’ll want to see for yourself.

So without further adieu… Here are 12 of the most underrated towns in Canada.


underrated towns in canada

Beginning in New Brunswick, this colourful town is a sight for sore eyes. A visit here comes complete with loads of amazing stuff to do. You can hit the restaurants and shops on the picturesque Water Street, do a little whale watching off the coast, or stop by one of their beautiful outdoor gardens.


underrated towns in Canada

If you’re a winter person, this is the spot for you. The town of Resolute Bay is one of the most northern populated areas. It’s known for it’s long winter nights, and also goes by its Inuktitut name of “Qausuittuq” meaning “place with no dawn.” While you’re there, you can learn its rich history and likely spot a wild polar bear or two.


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Moving over to the west is a gorgeous little destination in British Columbia. Also known as the birthplace of B.C., Fort Langley is a fabulous spot for warm, small-town vibes. While you’re there be sure to hit their many boutique shops, museums, galleries, and golf courses.


underrated towns

No, you won’t find the Beatles in our next pick. But we promise this Liverpool still has plenty to offer. The gorgeous Nova Scotia spot is a coastal community you won’t want to miss. Pretty much all the attractions are steps away from the area’s white-sand beaches. Plus, there’s tons of Canadian history to uncover.


underrated towns

Northern lights and a midnight sun await you at this Yukon spot. Sounds poetic, doesn’t it? A visit to this northern destination is the stuff arctic dreams are made of. Plus, its streets are lined with storefronts that’ll have you feel like you’re hopping right into the era of the Gold Rush.


underrated towns in Canada

Another great Nova Scotia destination is the colourful town of Old Lunenburg. This historic location is known for its distinct waterfront, decorated with bright and beautiful buildings. Along with the insane aesthetics of the place, there are also loads of restaurants, distilleries, breweries, artisans, and unique shops to explore. We’ll throw the town of Chester, Nova Scotia in as a beautiful honourable mention.


canadian destinations

This small Ontario town looks like it could be the set of a Hallmark Christmas movie. The spot has a unique, heritage charm to it. While you’re there, be sure to check out the many local restaurants, shops, and outdoor activities.


canadian destinations

Underrated? Maybe not. Under-visited? Definitely. You’ll find some of the most beautiful sights in the entire world in Jasper and the surrounding National Park. Although most people know about Jasper, Banff and Lake Louise seem to get the most love. Well, this lesser-known destination is just as insane and is absolutely something to put at the top of your bucket list. It’s about 5 hours away from both Calgary and Edmonton, but there’s no doubt it’s worth the trip.


canadian destinations

There’s a reason this next spot is also known as the Sunshine Coast. You’ll only experience bright and sunny vibes when you stop by this underrated town. The area is known for its beautiful views, surrounding mountains, and incredible art scene.


canadian destinations

This underrated spot in Saskatchewan is home to the province’s Great Sandhills. Who knew Canada has it’s very own sand dunes? Not us! You won’t believe the incredible natural wonder you’ll get to witness when you stop by here.


canadian destinations

Pretty much any area of Prince Edward Island would make this list (we think all of PEI deserves more love), but the town of Souris is a definite must-see. The coastal spot is decorated with amazing attractions and activities that are fun for the whole family. There’s plenty of beaches, lighthouses, and adorable shops to explore.


canadian destinations

Of course, if we’re talking underrated towns in Canada, we can’t leave out Quebec! The town of Warwick, or as the French call it Ville de Warwick, is a tiny little destination just north of Montreal. Up until a few years ago, it was the home of Quebec’s annual summer cheese festival. Although they no longer host that event, you can still find tons of local artisanal cheeses to enjoy around town. Who doesn’t love that?

So start dreaming up that post-pandemic travel plan! These underrated towns in Canada are practically calling your name!