With some sun in the forecast this week, we’re thinking that it’s a good time to talk about all the amazing spots that are perfect for an outdoor workout in Vancouver. We’ve got one of the most beautiful springs, and for sure the most beautiful city, in all of Canada. So, let’s make the most of it!

Here are 12 great spots for an outdoor workout in Vancouver.


jericho beach outdoor workouts vancouver
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Jericho Park

Jericho Park has got everything you’d need for a great yoga session. Wide-open spaces, pristine views of the city, and you’re just a stone’s throw from the beach itself. This is a much better pick than trying to squeeze in at Kitsilano, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Ambleside Park

If you’re craving a different view of Vancouver, then a trip to the North Shore is always a good idea. And, this West Vancouver beachside park is just waiting for you! Plus, it being right beside a dog park makes it that much easier for you to go pup-spotting before and after.

Queen Elizabeth Park

For an inner-city retreat, Queen Elizabeth is an easy pick. The sprawling park offers tons of space, from fields to garden-side vistas of the city. In you don’t need to be beside the ocean while you get your poses in, then this is our top choice for you.

Wreck Beach

We’re sure that the earliest yoga practitioners weren’t doing it in lululemon pants. Return to nature and head down to Vancouver’s only clothing-optional beach. If a 65-year-old can do downward dog at 3PM on a Saturday in July, you really have nothing to worry about if you go.


stanley park
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Stanley Park

If we don’t recommend Stanley Park for a bike ride then we don’t know what we’re talking about. Not only is it one of the most stunning urban parks in North America, but a lane has been reserved for cyclists once again this summer! The city wants you there, so make the most of it!

Cypress Mountain

Of course, the North Shore features routes that are challenging for any level of cyclist. But, the shining glory of the region is the winding road up to Cypress Mountain. Featuring an insane elevation gain, your reward (aside from the joy of exercise) is a stunning view of Vancouver while you’re up there.

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pacific spirit
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Vancouver Seawall

The seawall is, for lack of a better word, long. And technically, you could wind through a few different neighbourhoods while exploring it. But, we’re recommending starting around the Burrard Bridge and working through the West End/English Bay. For some reason, we just think it’s the best option.

False Creek

Meanwhile, False Creek offers kind of a reverse approach. For this route, we think it’s better to kick things off around Granville Island and head east, which offers a fun look at the developing area, plus a neat view of False Creek itself.

Pacific Spirit Park

If trail running is more your speed, look no further than this park outside of the UBC campus. With dozens of different trails to explore, Pacific Spirit is a tried-and-true favourite for students and Vancouverites alike. However, its sprawling nature makes it a little more remote than our other picks, so go with a friend if you feel uncomfortable.

Iona Beach Regional Park

Iona Beach itself is great, but that’s not our focus. Instead, we suggest that you check out the Iona Jetty, a bucket list activity that stretches a whopping 4km out into the ocean. Dress for the occasion before you go, too, since this is going to be a little windier and colder than the other options.


grouse grind outdoor workout vancouver
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Queen Elizabeth Disc Golf Course

We think we’d catch flak for recommending golf, since it costs money, but disc golf is free! If you think of yourself more as an athlete than an active person, a few rounds of disc golf a week might be just what the doctor ordered. Our top pick is Queen Elizabeth, but there are a few around the city to explore!

Grouse Grind

Alas, the Grouse Grind is an inevitable and essential inclusion. Honestly, it’s probably what cemented us as Canada’s sporty city, and we’ve got no problem with that. Heads up for when it opens, because there might be some social distancing measures in place.

And that’s our roundup of some great spots for an outdoor workout in Vancouver! Now, go make the most of it and enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer you.