We truly believe that tasty is tasty no matter what it’s made of. Contrary to popular belief, not all plant-based food smells like grass, it’s not all made with avocado and it’s not only for people who identify as veggie-centric. Anyone can enjoy a good-for-you bite and to prove it, here are 12 amazing vegan spots in Calgary that will completely change the way you see plant-based food.


Located in Calgary’s Beltline, SaVeg is a delicious Korean-style vegan spot owned and operated by a popular YouTuber and her mom. From smoothies to wraps, salads and bowls, this one-of-a-kind spot is an absolute must-try for those who have a strict diet AND others who occasionally dabble in plant-based foods.

Where: 637 11 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Savegyyc


Tamarind Vietnamese is a tiny vegan joint definitely worth the gas, the walk or even the bike ride. Featuring old authentic recipes that are gluten-free and MSG-free, and incredibly tasty, we’d strongly advise that you don’t let this one get away from you but don’t just take our word for it! This place has been rated one of the best in the city several times.

Where: 908 12 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Tamarindpanoramahills



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Carnivores shouldn’t have all the fun! At this vegan bakery, everything from cinnamon buns and cookies to cakes and pies is made with 100% plant-plant-based ingredients, though you certainly wouldn’t expect it because it just that it’s all out of this world tasty.

Where: The Vintage Red House, 4806 1 St SW, Calgary

Instagram: @CanelaYYC


Serving cocktails, small plates as well as beautiful entrees and desserts, this well-rounded resto is made with fresh and colourful plant-based ingredients, From chickpea fries, cauliflower steak and sticky toffee pudding, we can almost guarantee that you’ll leave with a big ol’, guilt-free smile on your face.

Where: 211a 12 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @alliumcalgary


Previously known as the Raw Eatery and Market, Mondays has given us more than one reason to fall in love with one of the most taboo words in the English language. Though we’ve professed how much we dislike the first day of the week many times before, Mondays Plant Cafe has found a way to our hearts through our stomach and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where: 208 4 Street Northeast Calgary, AB
Instagram: @mondaysplantcafe


In participation with Banff Resto, Nourish, YYC’s Dandelion Cafe was recently reopened with a new look and a new logo, but a familiar menu. Featuring dishes like ‘burgers,’ ‘chicken,’ waffles, and insanely delicious desserts, you could almost food your meat-loving friends into thinking it’s the real thing. These guys are good, Calgary. Check them out!

Where: 1048 8 St SE, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @Thedandelionbynourish



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Hot on the heels of their successful Beltline restaurant, incredibly delish plant-based resto Vegan Street has decided that YYC could use yet another tasty taco favourite. With a focus on Mexican cuisine, this recently opened shop is a must-visit.

Where: 1111 7 Street SW, Calgary
Instagram: @veganstreetinglewood


Named one of the top 100 restaurants in the entire country, we could not recommend that you check this place out enough. Serving Indian fusion, Veg-In has become a favourite among plant-based loving Calgarians and even their meat-eating counterparts!

Where: 215 6 Ave SE, Calgary
Instagram: @VeginYYC


If you know, you know! The Coup is a longstanding favourite of vegan, health-first Calgarians and all it takes is a quick peek at their menu to understand why. From shawarma to their salads and desserts all of their food is made from organic, locally grown fruits and veggies.

Where: 924 17th Avenue SW
Instagram: @TheCoupCalgary



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Alright, if you haven’t already been to V Burger, then what in the heck are you doing? With plant-based burgers, incredible milkshakes and a ton of tasty sides, this fast-food, good-for-you hybrid has become one of the most popular spots in the inner city.

Where: 819 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @heyvburger


Vegan sushi? This might sound too good to be true, but we can assure you that it exists. Whole Life Go is a Calgary resto with a creative menu, a lot of flavour and a marketplace! Located in Kensington, we’d recommend popping in whether you’re practically starving, you’re looking for a quick bite or just need to pick up something for dinner.

Where: 340 – 14th St. NW Calgary
Instagram: @wholelifego



Made with plant-based ingredients, Garbano’s is a planet-friendly, taste-bud-friendly popup set to open for takeaway and deliver on May 22nd. With larger-than-life falafel, this delicious temp resto will change the way you see vegan food.

When: Saturday, May 22nd
Where: 1210 1 St SW, Calgary
Instagram: @GarbanzosYYC

There you have it, friends! 12 amazing vegan spots in Calgary that you HAVE to check out in Calgary. Let us know which one is your favourite!