One of the best ways that we deal with not being able to travel right now is to fantasize about where we will go once we can. Turns out, there are some insanely expensive Airbnbs that you can rent across Canada. In fact, there are so many that we had to make some ground rules before writing this list.

To the best of our knowledge, none of these picks are affiliated with larger hotel or travel chains. And, since the cost varies aggressively across the country, we picked spots that were expensive relative to their regions. Even still, things start around $1,500 a night (Airbnb prices tend to fluctuate), so none of these are exactly ‘book on a whim’ spots.

Let’s check out some of the most expensive Airbnbs in Canada.

The View, Willis Point Mansion

willis point mansion

This massive mansion located on the outskirts of Victoria offers some truly spectacular views of the Saanich Inlet. Nosy neighbours won’t be a problem either, since the 7-bedroom house sits on 43 acres of property to explore. The attached helipad is a nice touch, but we’re bummed that the infinity pool costs a minimum of $1,000 extra if you want to use it.

Price: Around $2,250 a night


expensive airbnbs canada

Turns out, it’s not the homes or the penthouses of Vancouver that take top cheese on Airbnb. Instead, that title belongs to a handful of superyachts in the region. The Oriana can fit up to 8 people (plus the necessary crew), has a fleet of water toys (like jet skis), and even comes with a pickup service- in a Rolls Royce Ghost, no less.

Price: Around $10,000 a night

Whistler Penthouse

whistler penthouse

Once again, we were surprised that a penthouse beat out the ski chalets for price. But, we can’t deny that this location is incredible. Sadly, you probably won’t get to watch Crankworx or anything from the balcony, but it is one of the most luxurious home bases for a mountain getaway that we’ve seen.

Price: Around $1,575 a night

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Grand Castle on Ghost Lake

expensive airbnbs canada

It’s a little-known fact that the foothills around Calgary are home to some absolutely astounding estates. And, one of them is actually available to rent. This 13,000 square foot mansion comes with amenities like a saltwater pool and your own 18-seat movie theatre. Outside you’ll find landscaped gardens, complete with waterfalls, to explore.

Price: Around $2,500 a night

Lost Lake Luxury Outpost

lost lake

We figured we had to include at least one pick from Saskatchewan or Manitoba for good measure. And, this private fishing lodge in Manitoba didn’t disappoint. Definitely a pick from the outdoors enthusiast, this luxury lodge does come with the bonus of private flights in and out of the remote region.

Price: Around $4,300 a night

Horseshoe Lake Cottage

expensive airbnbs canada

You could throw a rock just about anywhere in the Muskoka region and hit a multimillion-dollar cottage. Heck, you’d probably get caught doing it on a private security camera, so we don’t recommend testing the theory. Anyway, this waterfront property on Horseshoe Lake is mere months old, having been completed in the summer of last year. Talk about a modern retreat!

Price: Around $1,500 a night

Ramara Waterfront Cottage

cottage waterfront

Full honesty- this is the kind of listing that we wanted when hunting for the most expensive Airbnbs in Canada. This Ontario mansion has direct access to Lake Simcoe, but more importantly, looks like it belongs to a finance guru who is miraculously still living in the 1980s.

Price: Around $1,500 a night

Entire Villa near Niagara Falls

expensive airbnbs Canada

This is another spot that really exudes what Airbnb is all about. Because really, how else are you going to find a private home that features a Medusa head in the marble? That’s right folks, we’ve come across one of the rarest homes in Canada- the Versace-branded villa. There are only a couple of others out there, and they aren’t for rent. Yeah, we’ve checked.

Price: Around $1,800 a night

Luxury Townhouse on St. Denis

st. denis

While the last two were top fantasy picks, this townhouse in Old Montreal is more like a bucket list option. The interior is great, there’s a private rooftop patio, and it can sleep up to 16 guests. That’s it- we’re earmarking this one for whenever Osheaga is allowed to return.

Price: Around $1,900 a night

The Manor

expensive airbnbs canada

Ready to fully cosplay as an actor on The Crown? We sure are, and what better way to do it than in a newly-renovated 1927 mansion outside of Quebec City that can sleep up to 80 guests? Of course, we’re going there with 1 or 2 other people, tops, just so we can wistfully look out the windows at all hours of the day and wonder what might have been if we actually married that commoner instead of our second cousin Henry. Sorry, got a little carried away.

Price: Around $1,300 a night

Magdalen Islands Rental

magdalen islands

This spot is like the Platonic ideal of hipsters escaping to eastern Canada for a sabbatical. Not that it’s a bad thing though- after all, clean lines and an incredible setting are a welcome sight for pretty much anyone. You can keep the Fogo Island Inn, we’re going to this tiny archipelago that somehow belongs to Quebec.

Price: Around $1,500 a night

And that’s our roundup of some of the most expensive Airbnbs across Canada! We hope that we’ve inspired to get out and travel once you can, folks. We know that we’re ready to.