We’ve already pulled those winter coats out of storage and are getting geared up for Canada’s most famous attribute: Snow.

Between the cold weather and Covid, it can be tricky to find ways to keep your littles entertained indoors, so we’ve teamed up with VTech Canada and pulled together our top 10 list to help you out! VTech has been producing interactive learning toys for kids of all ages since 1991, so if anyone knows how to keep kids entertained, it’s VTech!

Host a Cooking Class

Teach your kids the fundamentals of cooking with an easy and fun recipe like chocolate chip cookies or homemade pizza and let them choose their own fun toppings and ingredients! If you’re not a great chef yourself, not to worry. There are a ton of great channels on YouTube that can do the teaching for you! Need some inspo? You’ve probably seen this little guy blowing up your IG lately!

Make a Movie

kids activities winter

For less than $100, kids can get their movie producing career started early thanks to the Kidizoom Creator Cam. Complete with selfie mode, a tripod, a green screen, and 20 different background effects, this camera allows kids to easily create their own customized videos from soaring through space to being chased by a dinosaur! There’s no end to the list of cool things kids can do with the KidiZoom Creator Cam while you sit back and enjoy that glass of vino.

Host a Paint Night

vtech toys kids winter activities at home painting

Hit up Amazon to order paint smocks, finger paints for toddlers, or watercolours for older kids and plan yourself an at-home paint night! Pour yourself a glass of wine, pop on Bob Ross on Netflix, and give yourself a Parent of the Year badge because you’ve just won.

Create a Talent Show

kids talent show at home activities winter

Maybe it’s saying the alphabet backwards, singing a song, doing a magic trick, or blowing a really big bubble with their favourite gum! Set up a stage and see what ridiculous, we mean unique, talents you didn’t already know your kids have!

Write & Perform a Play

toys vtech canada

When it comes to dreaming up silly stories on the spot, kids do it best! Get creative with some costumes, a DIY stage, flashlight, and let the performance begin! The best part? They’ll likely spend a LONG time doing their creative prep work before the curtain call!

Do a Science Project

vtech toys kids science project at home winter activities

It’s truly amazing what can be done with a little baking soda and vinegar. DIY volcanoes are sure to please! Just add a little food colouring to make the lava bright orange. Hit up Pinterest for an insane amount of ideas that you might just want to try yourself!

Create a Drive-in Movie Experience

vtech toys canada

This project is great because it has multiple steps and can take all day long if you need it to. Build your own cardboard cars to park in front of the TV, get some classic movie theatre snacks, and put on their favourite flick! Bonus points if they let you pick your favorite childhood flick!

Put on an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

kids vtech toys canada

This one may not be as easy as it sounds, but is definitely worth the effort! Have your kiddos try to collect one item around the house starting with each letter of the alphabet. Be ready to help out if they get stuck at X or Z!

Make Window Snowflakes

window snowflakes kids activities at home in the winter vtech toys

This one is a great way to “play in the snow” without having to go outside! Get creative and cut out folded paper shapes to make beautiful, unique snowflakes for your window. Vacuuming up the mess could be part of the fun… Right?

Play “The Floor Is Lava”

kids activities winter at home vtech toys

An oldie, but a goodie. Use anything from pillows to blankets to chairs and more to make sure that no one touches the floor!

No matter which you choose to do first, be prepared to win Parent of the Year because these kid-approved activities are guaranteed to please!