There’s nothing like the holly jolly good time that only virtual drinking games can provide. If you’re looking for a little extra festive spirit this holiday season, this list has got you covered. It’s perfect for an evening with all the friends you can’t see in person this year. So log on and let the party begin. Disclaimer: please drink responsibly.

Here are 10 virtual drinking games you should play over the holiday.


This virtual drinking game came out at the beginning of the pandemic, but the message still rings true. Log on for access to 150 cards in loads of different drinking game categories. The whole thing is accessible though a pay-as-you-can module. So donate whatever you’re able to and let the party begin. All profits will go directly to COVID-19 support.


This online platform hosts a ton of virtual drinking games. They’ve got online versions of all the classics, like Ride The Bus, Power Hour, F*** The Dealer, and more. Just log on, click a few buttons, and you and your virtual buddies are good to go!


This one’s a classic, but it’s a classic for a reason. Head online to access this virtual platform’s collection of Never Have I Ever prompts. They comes in all kinds of categories, from scandalous to tame. Or you can use your own holiday-themed prompts like “never have I ever re-gifted a present” or “never have I ever knocked over a Christmas tree”. The possibilities are endless.

virtual drinking games


The news has been quite something this year and if you prefer to drown it out than listen to it this holiday season, this virtual drinking game is for you. The online platform has set up a document of words that you’ve got to take a drink every time you hear. If you don’t want to play live, they’ve uploaded past news briefings you can your friends can devour.


This virtual game is super simple, but sometimes that’s just what you need. Just head to the website and click start and you’ll be on your way. The site generates card prompts that you can go around your virtual circle completing. If you can do what the card says, you’re good. If not, drink!

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This one’s an oldie but a goodie. The virtual platform has got loads of Truth or Dare prompts to get your game going. Just download the app, log on with your friends, and get ready to get to know each other a whole lot better. The prompts are separated by categories so you can customize your game.


This online game takes all the physical requirements out of the age-old classic Kings Cup. You just head online and all the cards will be drawn virtually for you. As for the actual Kings Cup? That’s up to each individual person to create. The more narly you go, the more fun it’ll be for everyone.


This one’s good for playing while you catch up on classic holiday flicks. All you need is a Santa hat and access to the Internet. Then head online to a screen sharing platform like Teleparty, load up your movie, and you’re good to go. Just place your Santa hat on one of the top corners of the screen and every time someone in the movie wears it you drink. By the end of the flick you should be good and jolly!

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This virtual drinking game is completely free to access and loads of fun. It combines online cards with video chatting for a drinking experience like no other. Just read the comments on the site, this one’s not for those of you looking for a low-key evening. You can read the full instructions in advance, or just jump into it blind.


This one is more low-key, if you’re looking for a chill evening drinking game. It’s simple to access through the Game Pigeon extension on your iPhone, and it’s basically a virtual version of beer pong. The rules are the same, except you’ll need to provide your own booze. It’s all done through iMessage and easy to access on the fly.

So hop online and bring a little more cheer to your holiday season. Let us know which of these virtual drinking games you check out first.