From creative executions, curious shapes and concepts that will make your head spin, some of the world’s most unconventional buildings can be found between the North’s coastlines. Though we love tall city towers and modern downtown office buildings, it’s really the oddities that we appreciate most. Here are just 10 of the most unique buildings in all of Canada.

Absolute World, Mississauga

Like two crushed pop cans, the Absolute World building in Mississauga Ontario towers 56 storeys above the inner city centre. This particular condo building was designed by architectural firm MAD office who actually won the right to do so in an international competition.

Fogo Island Inn, Fogo Island

Opened in 2013, the Fogo Inn may, at first glance, look too unconventional to be a 5-star hotel. However it unusual build is actually what gives almost every single guest an unobstructed view of the ocean. Not so strange now, is it.

Montreal Biosphere

Built in dedication to North America’s environment, the Montreal Biosphere is an educational wonder and architectural marvel. There’s really nothing like this anywhere else in the country.

Studio Bell National Music Centre, Calgary

studio bell national music centre

From festivals to award ceremonies, Calgary’s Studio bell is probably the most unique structure in the entire city. At 60,000 square feet, the music museum sees thousands of visitors a year some of which are well-known musicians set to perform.

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Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is as unique as the stories, artifacts and exhibits inside of it. Much like the Absolute World buildings, Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the organization behind the museum, also held an international competition to find a designer for the structure. After 100 submissions, a judges panel settled on award-winning architects  Antoine Predock and Chris Beccone from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mountain House, Vancouver

mountain house

We’ve featured some pretty wild homes, but this one has to take the cake – and the sprinkles, the candles, and the table that it’s all sitting on. “Mountain House,” in British Columbia, designed by the New York firm ME Architecture, is a cliff-hanging, stomach-churning, magic trick of a palace that defies all logic and breaks every rule.

The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto 

What can only be described as looking like a spaceship crash-landed into a church, the Royal Ontario Museum is truly one of a kind. An unconventional mix of art deco and Italianate and Neo-Romanesque this building is impossible to miss, and even harder to forget.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, Niagara Falls 

There are really no words to describe the topsy turvy oddity that is the iconic museum of weird. To be honest, not much else can be said about this place that a photo doesn’t scream at you with a megaphone, so we’ll just let your eyes wander.

Habitat 67, Montreal

Habitat 67 is one of the most recognizable structures in the entire country, and we’re confident not a single one of you will disagree. Comprised of 354 identical prefabricated concrete forms arranged in various combinations this Transformer sneeze of a building stands 12 stories high and houses 146 residents.

Gooderham Building, Toronto

Historic flatiron office building the Gooderham is the focal point of one of Toronto’s most photographed vistas. Fun fact, when it was originally built in the 1880’s it was actually the most expensive office building in Toronto, at a whopping cost of $18,000.

There you have it, friends. 10 of the most unique buildings in all of Canada. Which ones have you added to your ‘must-see’ bucket lists? Let us know!