If there’s one thing that we look forward to at the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, it’s the grub. From wacky pizzas to mini donuts with unreal toppings, the city’s biggest and best event is recognized all over the world as THE place to get unique carnival eats. Of course, 2021 is absolutely no exception so, here are 10 things that you HAVE to eat at this year’s Stampede – some of which we were actually lucky enough to try ahead of the big day thanks to our friends at Tourism Calgary.


Photo Via Curiocity Group

If we had to pick favourites, we’re not going to lie – this one would take the top spot. Steve-O’s has created magic with this one, guys. The chicken was juicy and perfectly done and the donuts (as expected) were sweet and airy. Our only quarrel with this one? It was filling and we wanted nothing more than to go back for seconds.

Where: Steve-o’s Homestyle Fried Chicken


Do it for the ‘Gram! We’ve long said that the only thing that could make a Krispy Kreme donut any better – is if it was on a stick and wrapped in cotton candy. Well, ask and you shall receive we guess. This one is pretty AND tasty.

Where: Family Dough


Photo Via Curiocity Group

An acquired taste – this bad boy will be a big hit among those of you who dig the taste of dill. Admittedly, after the first sip, we weren’t entirely sold on the one-of-a-kind lemonade, but after having walked the grounds, we actually found ourselves at the bottom of the cup. It’s refreshing and pairs pretty dang well with almost everything on the midway – consider us pleasantly surprised.

Where: Drink a Fruit, from the fruit!


Feel bad about not being able to take your taste buds on the zipper? Check out Cin City’s Flaming Hot Cheeto Mini Donuts because this one was a ride, folks! We’re still not sure whether we’d best describe it as spicy, sweet or savoury.

Where: Cin City Donuts


Photo Via Curiocity Group

Now, before you write this one off as something that would only taste great in an alternate universe (where somehow cheese and peanut butter peacefully co-exists) – you have to sink your teeth into the Burger Joint’s new bite. Surprisingly, this one actually tasted in-freaking-credible. It wasn’t overwhelmingly nutty, the beef was juicy and the bun was soft AF. 10/10 would recommend.

Where: Burger Joint


Don’t let the idea of eating gator snap you out of eating gator… it really does just taste like chicken. This one is less “you have to try this” and more – you have to be able to say that you’ve tried it. After all, the Stampede is all about experiences.

Where: Paolini’s Concessions

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Photo Via Curiocity Group

It should almost be no surprise that we were a big fan of this one, guys. After all, what’s not to love? First of all, the presentation was a hit and second of all, it married two of everyone’s favourite classic midway treats. Ice cream and cotton candy. Check it out, and don’t forget to grab a few extra napkins – especially if you’re heading to the grounds on a hotter day.

Where: Summerland Soft Serve


The great debate continues! Does pineapple belong anywhere other than in a fruit salad? If to you, there’s no contest and you’re a big fan – then you have to check this one out. It’s sweet, cheesy and we could have not asked for more.

Where: The Poutine King


Photo Via Curiocity Group

Whether you’re vegetarian or are just looking for a healthy(ish) alternative, Mr. Vegetable’s sweet teriyaki cauliflower wings are sure to hit the spot. Would we say that these ones are ‘super original?’ Not by any means, but when something is good – it’s good and we definitely plan on going back before day 10.

Where: Mr. Vegetable

So there you have it, friends! 10 things that you HAVE to eat at this year’s Stampede. which food truck will you be hitting up first?