Praise Father Time, because 2020 is finally in the history books. And although 2021 is some murky water, we thought it would be fun to start on a more optimistic foot. So, we rounded up 10 things that we hope will return to Vancouver in some way, shape, or form in 2021. Turns out, there’s a lot of stuff we want coming back.

Here’s our list of things we hope will return to Vancouver in 2021.

Honda Celebration of Light

The Celebration of Light is far and away Vancouver’s most spectacular and accessible event. You’ve got a fireworks competition between countries, for goodness sake, and the result is easily visible throughout the city. Due to the outdoor nature of this event, we’re hoping it’ll make its return this summer.

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium closing to the public was one of the toughest local announcements of the year. While they’ve done a great job of bringing content online (want a smile a day? Follow them on Instagram), we just can’t wait to learn about some penguins in person once more.

Fright Nights at PlayLand

Lucky for us, PNE PlayLand became a frontrunner for dealing with COVID-19 restrictions this year. They were the first to host a major drive-thru event, and then figured out a way to let people go on rides safely. So, while we’re hoping for the return of haunted houses, we have a good feeling this event (and other PNE mainstays) will be back no matter what.

Vancouver Pride

While Pride can be celebrated at home, Vancouver was known as one of the best cities in Canada for the day (and often weekend) of celebration. From the parade to the nightlife events, the West End came alive each year, bringing people together from around the city and beyond. Is it going to look that way this year? Ah, probably not. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t want its return!

Richmond Night Market

Due to the outdoor nature of the market, we were surprised to hear that it was cancelled in 2020. But, the organizers are hopeful to return to 2021. Our advice? Even if it means creating a virtual waitlist and having 20% (or whatever) capacity, you’ll still make a lot of people’s summer by bringing it back.

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Canyon Lights

Another iconic outdoor event that we were sad to see go, especially since it was simply a victim of bad timing. What do we want for Christmas 2021? That’s easy, a chance to stroll around this magical light show. Fingers crossed that by then, our wish will be able to come true.

Vancouver Canucks Games

It was a touch bittersweet when we heard that Premier Horgan will allow NHL games in British Columbia. While we love that the Canucks will be able to play on home ice, we are sad that we can’t cheer them on from the nosebleeds when we can afford it. Please hockey streams, let your video be high quality.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival

We’ll just say it- Folk Fest is the quintessential Vancouver event. A beachside setting, a great variety of musicians, and a very relaxed atmosphere made Folk Fest the perfect day out for pretty much anyone. Is this event likely to return in person this year? Probably not. But, we still refer to last year’s lineup when we’re craving some new music.

FVDED In The Park

things to do vancouver

Of course, this was Vancouver’s big-ticket music festival. FVDED, undeniably, brought some of the hottest rappers, DJs and musicians in the world to the city. Beachside tunes are fun, for sure. But, jumping around to some absolutely earth-shattering trap music is a very nice time as well. Please bring Young Thug when you return, please.

Or Any Concert, Really…

We’d listen to Russian folkmetal if it meant drinking in a concert venue again. This one is a toss-up, and probably depends on fun things like vaccination rates, social distancing guidelines, and international travel reopening. The Flaming Lips are coming in August with their ‘bubble setup’, so that is an option right now, too.

And that’s our roundup of things we want to come back to Vancouver in 2021! Does this mean we’re not going to agree with public health officials about restrictions? No way. But, it’s nice to be optimistic about the future!