2021 is finally upon us, which means so are all of those “new year, new, healthier me” resolutions and just because you made them after several bottles of champagne on the 31st of December, that doesn’t mean they’re impossible. We believe in you and you should too! Just to help you on your way, here are 10 healthy takeout options in Calgary to start 2021 right.


Like this year, we’re going to kick this list off right. Heart’s Choices is an unreal Thai market and cafe offering a ton of accommodating dishes that are super tasty but certainly don’t lack flavour. Indulge in everything from tacos, mac and cheese, and sandwiches that are all vegan friendly, and all good for you!

Where: 4127 6 Street NE, Calgary
Service: Door Dash


“Inspired by real food,” cultures is a healthy alternative to fast food. They’ve honestly got something yummy for every hour of the day whether you’re in need of something small, filling or are looking for that mid-day pick me up.

Where: See the nearest location here 
Service: Door Dash, Bon App and Uber Eats

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Fork and Salad don’t play when it comes to their portion sizes. We absolutely mean it when we say these are some of the biggest salads that we’ve seen from a healthy, wallet-conscience spot. However, if greens aren’t your thing they also have bowls and smoothies!

Where: 880 16 Ave SW, Calgary
Service: Uber Eats and Door Dash


At Taste the Difference, it’s really the inside that counts! At first glance, this menu looks like a bunch of fine comfort foods, but rest assured. Though it isn’t vegan friendly like many others on this list, it is incredibly health-conscious – made with fresh healthy ingredients.

Where: Online only
Service: UberEats


If you know, you know! The Coup is a longstanding favourite of vegan, health-first Calgarians and all it takes is a quick peek at their menu to understand why. From shawarma to their salads and desserts all of their food is made from organic, locally grown fruits and veggies.

Where: 924 17th Avenue SW
Service: Door Dash, UberEats


They really don’t leave much up to the imagination when it comes to the name of their place. Though the star of their menu really is their “juice pharmacy” which includes immune-boosting, detoxifying, skin improving wonder drinks, they also have bowls, soups, salads, and burgers.

Where: 1012 1 St SW
Service: Skip the Dishes

KB & CO.

kb & co. calgary

This locally sourced organic eatery is really all about nourishing your body and soul. Everything is free of meat, dairy, egg, and soy products, meaning it’s just as accommodating as it is tasty. Not just anyone can make this stuff appealing to the general public, but the wraps, sandwiches, and smoothies at KB & Co. are a total crowd-pleaser regardless of your lifestyle and food preferences.

Where: 926 16 Ave. SW, Calgary
Service: UberEats


Are you a big fan of superfoods and weird things on toast? Wise and Wright has a menu of healthy food-isms available for delivery that we know you’ll love. Not only are their bowls are pretty big but they’ve got a decent selection of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian items as well!

Where: 317 7 Ave SW #163, Calgary
Service: Skip the Dishes


The Veg ghost kitchen is the ultimate healthy dinner spot. As the name would suggest, everything here is plant-based but that certainly doesn’t mean they didn’t try to hide it. From burgers to burritos, even your non-vegan roomate might enjoy this place.

Where: 1161 Northmount Drive NW, Calgary
Service: Skip the Dishes


We love Chopped Leaf (bowl #1, more specifically) but the rest of the menu is incredibly tasty too! These guys kill in not only portion size and quality but in flavour too and honestly you might not even know that they’re considered a “fast food” joint.

Where: See the nearest location here 
Service: Uber Eats, Door Dash and Skip the Dishes

There you have it, folks, healthy takeout in Calgary! You’ve got this, we know you do! Now, go get ’em’!