It’s a momentous weekend in Toronto, folks! This weekend marks the beginning of the end of the horrendous saga that was COVID-19. Yes, we’re speaking of the virus in past tense now. Is it too early for us to be doing that? Absolutely. But we’re choosing optimism today. It’s a whole new world out there, folks. One with way more great stuff for to keep us occupied. From patios to parks to naked bicycle rides, there’s no end to the wild times.

**Editor’s note: Even with the recent changes in COVID-19 regulations in Ontario, the pandemic is not quite behind us yet. Please exercise caution, wear your mask, and maintain physical distance when out and about this weekend.

Here are 10 things to do in Toronto this weekend.


Yes, you read that correctly. Patios are back!! If every season were patio season we would be some real happy clams. Beginning this weekend, you can hit up your favourite resto for in-person outdoor dining. As per government guidelines, places are accepting reservations for groups of up to 4. So, get out there and enjoy a happy hour or two!

Where: Check out our favourites here
When: Any day this weekend


Got too large of a friend group to include everyone in the patio outing? First of all, aren’t you popular! Secondly, that’s not a problem. Outdoor gatherings are also allowed now, with up to 10 people involved. You and your 9 closest friends can head on over to one of the city’s many parks or gardens and have a wonderful afternoon out in the sun.

Where: Check out our favourite gardens here
When: Any day this weekend


Did you ever think there’d be a day where heading to the mall would be quite so exciting? Well, that day is here. Beginning this weekend, non-essential retail stores are allowed to reopen. At 15% capacity, that is. So, as long as you’re willing to keep your distanced and probably wait in a line to enter, you can peruse the shopping shelves to your heart’s content. Ahhh, the sweet smell of spending money!

Where: Essential OR non-essential retail locations
When: Check store hours near you


We’re in the mood for celebrating this weekend! Who isn’t? What says celebration better than a scoop (or two) of ice cream? Toronto is home to a ton of crazy ice cream spots that are serving up the wildest cones out there. From insane flavours to loaded toppings to out-of-the-box creations and more, these delicious joints will get you talking.

Where: Check out our favourite spots here
When: Any day this weekend


In the mood for a little exercise after all that ice cream? Now’s the time to sign up for ParkFitTO. The city’s newest program, dedicated to bringing outdoor fitness classes to Toronto, is officially open for registration. The program is great a way to get out and get active, while complying with ongoing pandemic restrictions.

Where: Book your spot online
When: Any day this weekend


Another city-sanctioned way to get out and get active is through ActiveTO. One of the O.G. Toronto pandemic response programs, this initiative is all about getting you outside and on your feet. Every weekend, a number of Toronto’s busiest streets are blocked off for vehicle traffic, so that pedestrians and cyclists can spread out in the space. It’s a unique way to get a little air.

Where: Find a map of road closures here
When: All weekend long


We take it bake. ActiveTO isn’t the unique pick on this list. The World Naked Bike Ride is. This weekend, folks will be cycling through the city in their birthday suits as part of the Canada-wide protest against oil dependancy and urban pollution. The event was born in Vancouver and has since expanded to include over 80 cities across the globe-Toronto being one of them. This wild ride is one you definitely won’t miss.

Where: Find the Toronto route map here
When: Saturday, June 12th


In need of a little laugh? The Black Sheep Comedy show has got you covered. This weekend you can tune in to catch a knee-slapping performance from Canadian performer Rebecca Reed. Along with this funny lady, you’ll also catch the comedic stylings of Lianna Mauladin, Amish Patel, and Matt Henry.

Where: Check it out online
When: Friday, June 11th


This drive-the event is exactly what it sounds like. Explore Mega Wheels on display at this epic 2.5 km drive-thru track. There are tons of monster trucks, custom cars, antique cars, and one-of-a-kind models to admire. If you or a friend is a car person, this event is a must see.

Where: Country Heritage Park, 8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton
When: Kicks off Friday, June 11th


Not ready to venture out just yet? That’s alright too. There’s plenty of great binge-worthy content available to stream from home. This week’s big release on Netflix is the movie Awake. It stars Gina Rodriguez alongside Toronto’s very own, Shamier Anderson. This apocalyptic flick is definitely worth the watch.

Where: Online at
When: Any day of the week

Have a great weekend, Toronto! Let us know what you get up to first.