We love the holidays, from the widely celebrated ones like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween, to those that aren’t commemorated in department stores like International Caesar, Wine or Pizza Day. And, we’re using a lesser-known holiday just like that to show off some of the very best burgers in Edmonton.

So, in celebration of International Burger Day, here are our picks!

The Next Act


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We’re kicking this list off with an absolutely staple spot for some of the best burgers in Edmonton. Having been around for over 25 years, The Next Act has continued to provide new burger ideas alongside their classic options. So, whether you’re after a classic bacon cheeseburger or the surprisingly good PB&J variety, this is an easy pick.

Where: 8224 104 St NW

Delux Burger Bar

Just being able to put ‘chic’ and ‘burgers’ in the same sentence is a feat, so we’re all the more impressed that Delux has actually pulled it off. This upscale franchise keeps things simple with a trio of delectable burgers. But, since they’re using hearty Angus beef for the patty, we think the Mushroom Burger is the right call here. Throw some truffle mayo in there and hand-cut fries on the side, and you’re cruising.

Where: Multiple locations

Woodshed Burgers

Next up we’ve got a relatively new name in the city, but one that has been making waves. Rather than opt for the classic Angus option, Woodshed instead using local Holstein beef on a Bon Ton Bakery bun. We also think they hit the nail on the head with the price point, starting at $10 for a classic burger. Have you seen burger prices these days? They’re skyrocketed!

Where: 10723 124 Street & 2307 Ellwood Drive SW

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Fox Burger


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We’re going back to back on new places that we absolutely love here. Another 2019 addition, Fox Burger offers a handful of mouthwatering burger options, using the classic ‘smash’ technique to glorious effect. And, as a nice added bonus, they’re got a roaming food truck that offers an array of $10 burgers. So, track that down if you’ve already tried the full menu at the restaurant!

Where: 6423 112 Avenue NW

The Burger’s Priest

Next up we’ve got a couple of names that weren’t born in Edmonton, but we see as welcome additions. First up is The Burger’s Priest, which is actually an iconic name out in Toronto. While it’s branded as a ‘classic cheeseburger joint’, don’t let that fool you, since they have vegetarian, vegan, and keto options that are almost as good as the real thing.

Where: 10148 109 Street NW & 2125 98 Street NW

Burger Village

On the topic of import names, we can’t leave out this franchise that, surprisingly, got its start out in New York. Burger Village has a particularly unique approach, since they offer over a dozen different kinds of meat, ranging from boar to elk to ostrich. So, it’s all the more surprising that pretty much everything on the menu is organic, and there are tons of vegan options as well.

Where: 6187 Currents Drive NW

Burger Baron


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A beloved Albertan brand for over 6 decades, Burger Baron needs to be protected at all costs. We’re not going to sit here and pretend that a burger here is going to be lifted by Gordon Ramsay for his new restaurant (which we’re ok with). But, we can promise you that you’re getting a de facto Albertan icon, and especially if you go for their signature mushroom sauce. It’s an easy pick for our list of the best burgers in Edmonton.

Where: Multiple locations

The Burger Joint

You gotta have serious confidence to try and become a ‘build-your-own’ burger spot. Why? Because you need to make sure that everything you’re using is up to snuff since it could darn well be the only thing on there! This makes Burger Joint’s success all the more impressive to us, never mind the fact that you can try a ‘Donair Burger’ the next time you visit, which feels forbidden but oh so worth it.

Where: 9132 23 Avenue NW

YEG Burger

Speaking of Donair Burgers, that’s just one option on a laundry list of ‘taste it to believe it’ options at YEG Burger. Since opening in 2017, YEG Burger has become a staple choice for some of the more, uh, cultural burgers in the city. Seriously- the menu here (besides the Donair Burger) includes Falafel, Parmesano Reggiano, and Chili Cheese. You might be skeptical, but this is what total freedom looks like in the burger world.

Where: 15131 121 Street NW

1st RND


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For our final pick, we’re going with everything a modern sports bar should be. And of course, that includes some absolutely dynamite burgers and a whole swack of brews to wash them down with. And sure, you can grab just a classic cheeseburger, but why not throw caution to the wind with ‘The Great One’, a glorious double patty wedged between two separate grilled cheeses.

Where: 1672 Brbn Street, West Edmonton Mall, and 11248 104 Avenue

Alright, folks, that’s our roundup of where to get the best burgers in Edmonton! Even if you can’t get one today, keep this list handy throughout the summer- we know we’re going to.