Spring’s officially here, and our minds have quickly turned to summer plans. So, it only makes sense to revisit a list of the most unique Airbnbs you can rent in Canada. Some iconic spots have stayed, but some new ones have also joined the party! Let’s check them out.

Here are 10 unique Airbnbs that you can rent across Canada.

East Sooke Tree House

unique airbnbs canada
Photo via Airbnb

With the stunning forests of BC, a treehouse is pretty much the perfect place to experience them. Get the best of both worlds here, with a cozy, 2 story layout that comes with running water (nice) and a hot tub (even nicer)!

Where: Sooke, British Columbia

Cob Cottage

cob cottage
Photo via Airbnb

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without one of BC’s earth houses. These houses are the ultimate cottage core getaway destination. And we have to say they’re surprisingly cozy and homey. So don’t knock it till you try it because this Mayne Island house might just have you wanting to build your own earth home.

Where: Mayne Island, British Columbia

Heritage Caboose

unique airbnbs canada
Photo via Airbnb

All aboard! This 1912 Heritage Caboose features all the modern comforts you need in a very unique setting. Pretend to be an old-timey train conductor in the evenings, and explore the surrounding mountains during the day! It’s a win-win.

Where: Golden, British Columbia

Northern Dreams

Photo via Airbnb

Dreaming of the Northern Lights? Enjoy them in style in this modern tiny home. But, what makes this home truly unique is the outhouse and no shower. That’s right- you’re going to be roughing it with a sponge bath.

Where: Whitehorse, Yukon

Grand Castle

unique airbnbs canada
Photo via Airbnb

Ready to feel like a titan of industry from the 1990s? This is the place to be. The massive estate features everything from an indoor pool to a home theatre and even a ‘board game room’. Outside, you’ll find your own tennis court, a pond, and a waterfall. Definitely our top luxury pick for unique Airbnbs in Canada.

Where: Ghost Lake, Alberta

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The Impossible Dream

unique airbnbs canada
Photo via Airbnb

Feeling a little bit like Don Quixote? Embrace the windmill, don’t tilt at it with this super unique Airbnb in Canada. It comes with all the comforts of home you’ll need, but boy oh boy, just driving up to it is what we would most look forward to.

Where: Rosebud, Alberta

Le Quartz

unique airbnbs canada
Photo via Airbnb

This mountaintop tiny home is definitely one of the most stunning winter destinations we’ve seen. And, unlike other mountain retreats, features all the amenities you’ll want. It looks like a fantastic spot for a couple’s getaway, so we’re keeping this one tagged for next winter.

Where: Lac Beauport, Quebec

Muskoka Treehouse

Photos via Airbnb

Luckily, BC didn’t hog all the treehouse Airbnbs in Canada. Located in the forests of Muskoka, this treehouse has a special amenity- a private sauna located nearby. Spend a day hiking around, then unwind a little before clamouring up to bed like Paddington bear.

Where: Minnett, Ontario

Muskoka Private Island Retreat

muskoka private island retreat
Photo via Airbnb

Another bonus of Ontario is all the private islands kicking around. Get the best of both worlds at this secluded spot, which looks like it’s straight out of a children’s novel. We’re seriously envious of whoever owns this one, maybe more than any other on this list.

Where: Gravenhurst, Ontario

Floating Panoramic “Wine Barrel” Cabin

most unique airbnbs canada
Photo via Airbnb

For something a lot more, uh, cozy, we’ve got this option! Located in the heart of Ontario’s wine country, this floating ‘wine barrel’ cabin is easily one of the most interesting picks on this list. Drink wine, sleep in an oversized wine barrel… is there anything more we could ask for in the summer?

Where: Essex, Ontario

And that’s our roundup of some of the most unique Airbnbs in Canada that you can rent. Keep them in mind when you’re planning your next getaway!