Perhaps we’re a bit biased, but we think that YYC is a freaking vision from almost anywhere in the city, but in the colder months, there are a few banks, hills, and bridges where the frost-covered city will really take your breath away! Here are 10 must-see winter views and viewpoints in Calgary that will give you a new perspective.

33 Ave SW

Now before we get into this first one, it’s important to remember to keep it quiet, folks! 33 Ave is right above Mission Road, a residential area. But from sunrise to sunset, this place will give you a glowing skyline POV and is totally worth checking out.

Where: Directions here

Tom Campbell Hill

“You’re the king/queen of the world!” Or at least that’s what it’ll feel like when you’re on Calgary’s Tom Campbell Hill. Pro-tip – this place looks extra magical in the golden hour, so if you’re able to beat the sunset – it’s totally worth having a later dinner.

Where: 25 St Georges Dr. NE, Calgary

Bellevue Avenue

Stretch those legs, YYC. It’s definitely a pain in the butt to get to this one (especially in the snow), because it does require a bit of climbing, but it’ll be worth it! This beautiful space on the edge of Ramsay is wide open and gives you a totally unobstructed view of the city.

Where: Directions here

Toronto Crescent View Point

This hidden gen gives you an unreal viewpoint of absolutely everything. From here, especially in the evening when the inner city is lit up, Calgary seems like it stretches as far as the eye can see. If you haven’t taken in YYC from here, you are in for a treat.

Where: 2564 Toronto Crescent NW, Calgary

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Tyndale Park

If you know, you know. Tyndale Park is a notoriously great fireworks-watching spot, where the city looks even bigger than it is. From the Bow building and Calgary Tower to the sun and sky – the gang is all there and it’s totally perfection.

Where: 1343 Colgrove Ave NE, Calgary

East Village River Walk

Budding photographers, listen up! This Calgary lookout is by far one of the most picturesque spots in the entire city. Grab a camera, take a few snapshots and then cozy up with someone special while you watch the sun disappear behind the riverbank while the entire city lights up around you. Don’t forget to live in the moment, folks!

Where:  6th Street and 6th Avenue SE, Calgary

Rotary Park

Gosh, Calgary is good looking! This is another favourite amongst view-hungry photographers, so it might be busier than the others on this list but for a good reason! For those who haven’t been, change that immediately! This spot looks north on the city giving you a prime view of the Bow building and Centre Street Bridge, and honestly might make you look at Calgary differently.

Where: 617 1 St NE, Calgary

Rundle Ruins


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Who would’ve thought that Calgary was home to some neat ancient-looking ruins! Not only is this place super unique, but it also has a view to boot. We mean, that’s why you clicked on this article, isn’t it? Although this place isn’t technically a ‘lookout’ point, it’s a super cool way to see Calgary.

Where: 632 13 Ave SE, Calgary

McHugh Bluff Park

It might not be a bad idea to bring along a hiking pole. McHugh Bluff is another one that requires a bit of a climb, but again – you won’t regret it! Seriously folks, no matter what shape you’re in, whether you’re a hiker or not, you will absolutely appreciate a view from this spot, just remember to bring a snack and stay awhile to really milk the experience.

Where: Crescent Rd NW & Centre Street N, Calgary

Scottman’s Hill

Scotsman’s Hill is THE place in Calgary, especially during the Stampede. From this spot, you can see the entire city skyline and the Saddledome, so we’d recommend you take it in while you can, folks! In a few year’s time when they take down the iconic building, this view just won’t be the same.

Where: Scotsman’s Hill, Salisbury St. S.E., Ramsay

That’s it, that’s all folks! Enjoy those incredible Calgary viewpoints, and make sure to tag us in all your snaps from these gorgeous spots!