What, it’s Thursday already? Just kidding, we’ve been counting down the hours since Monday for the weekend to come to Vancouver once more. And while it looks like it’s going to be a wet one, we’re not going to get too down about it. Instead, we’re moving with the flow.

Here are 10 things to do around Vancouver this weekend.

Experience the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

After a long, and we mean long, break, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is back to hosting indoor concerts! Their kickoff weekend is about to happen, and they’ve created a ‘We’re Back’ Gala and performance to celebrate! If you’re looking for a little culture, this is it.

When: Saturday, September 18th and Sunday, September 19th
Where: 601 Smithe Street
Cost: Varies

Watch a classic (yet horrifying) movie

What happens when you let a business mogul open his factory to a bunch of kids? Willy Wonka! This ‘kids movie’ features some of the most troubling ends for children on-screen, and without even blinking an eye. And don’t get us started on that grifter uncle.

When: Sunday, September 19th
Where: 200 – 1131 Howe Street
Cost: $14

Enjoy Vancouver Fringe Fest

Theatre is more than just Shakespeare. It can be much, much, MUCH, weirder, and more interesting. With this year’s Fringe Fest starting up, there is a chance to see the wide breadth of what theatre can be. One-person shows, comedy acts, huge productions galore, and more await you. So, there is tons to check out around the city.

When: Events throughout the weekend
Where: All over Vancouver

Check out the new Moon & Back Gallery

Not only has Richmond’s immersive gallery opened some new exhibits, they’ve moved locations to do so! This has become a great option for all those who love Kusama’s infinity rooms, or anyone who just appreciates pretty lights and colours!

When: Open daily
Where: 150 – 12111 Bridgeport Road, Richmond
Cost: $38.99 for GA

Race Around

While the rest of Vancouver is stuck in traffic, you could be speeding your way around a go-kart track. TBC Indoor Kart Racing in Richmond offers the fastest go-karts in all of Metro Vancouver, and they can reach speeds up to 70km/hr! Talk about an exhilarating option.

When: Open throughout the weekend
Where: 2100 Viceroy Place, Richmond
Cost: $22+

Grab a Negroni

Negroni Week kicks has landed in Vancouver! This international festival gives you the perfect excuse to explore some of Vancouver’s best restaurants and bars, and all for a good cause! Each participating restaurant has picked their own charity to support, so you can’t really go wrong here.

When: On throughout the weekend
Where: Venues around Vancouver

The Maan Farms Fall Festival

If you don’t care about the forecast, there are quite a few outdoor options to check out this weekend as well. First up is the start of the Maan Farms Fall Festival, which has everything from seasonal treats to a pumpkin patch and barnyard animal visits.

When: Kicks off Saturday, September 17th
Where: 790 McKenzie Road, Abbotsford
Cost: $15.50+ for GA

Monstercat Compound 2021

Ready to dance it out once more? This Vancouver-based music label is right there with you. Monstercat is bringing back its beloved ‘Compound’ 1-day festival this summer, and it’s free to attend! Hosted in the heart of Railtown, the day has art installations, food trucks, and of course, some amazing sets to look forward to.

When: September 18th
Where: 380 Railway Street
Cost: Free with RSVP

HSBC Canada Rugby Sevens Vancouver

If you’re more the sporty type, then this is a can’t-miss option. The HSBC Sevens offers a 2-day bonanza of fast paced games, and is the perfect outing for a group of friends. Really, the big issue here is figuring out a rain-friendly costume to wear.

When: Saturday, September 18th and Sunday, September 19th
Where: 777 Pacific Boulevard
Cost: $83.81+

The Bog at Riverside Cranberry Farm

And finally, we can’t help but include this truly unique option in Langley. Riverside Cranberry Farm has started offering its self-guided bog tours. And that’s well and good, but it’s the add-on that really sells it. Come on, have you ever met anyone who has stood in a cranberry bog?

When: Tours every weekend during harvest season
Where: 26805 88th Avenue, Langley
Cost: $14.99+ for GA

That’s our roundup for this weekend, Vancouver! Have some fun out there and stay safe.