As Toronto settles into yet another lockdown, folks are making the shift back to takeout dining. The inner foodie in all of us just won’t quit, so we’re rounding up a ton of delicious spots to hit. These delicious joints have been pros at the takeout game long before it was cool. When you order from these spots, you know you’re in for great flavour.

Here are 10 delicious places to order from for takeout from in Toronto.


We’re kicking things off with a healthy pick. This spot also has sit-down options when the world is normal, but their takeout menu is just as amazing. Order up their bowls, salads, shareable eats, and more. All of it is powered by plants!

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Pasta fans will be in heaven at this delicious spot. You can order all the freshly made pasta and homemade sauces you can handle. This delicious joint was made to be enjoyed on the go.

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You’ll have all your nutrients for the day covered when you hit this amazing spot. They’ve got cold-pressed juices, smoothies, cleanses, kombuchas, and more. It’s a quick and easy place to try for a little immune system boost!

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It’s Toronto an ocean-front town specializing in gorgeous coastal eats? Not exactly. Do we still have incredible takeout fish and chips available? Heck yes! This spot does a seafood fry-up right. Place an order to enjoy quality-guaranteed, sustainable, and allergy-conscious eats.

Where: 893 Queen St W


You know those restaurants that just taste like a warm hug? This place is one of ’em. With a name like Grandma Loves You, who’s surprised?? They’ve got European favourites like croissants, fresh deli sandwiches, hot sandwiches, and more.

Where: 1084 Yonge St


Speaking of sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with this delicious takeout spot! They’ve got all kinds of incredible sammies like slow-roasted beef brisket, pulled bbq pork, seared steak, and more. Yum!

Where: 4 Cresent Rd




Less into meat and more into veggies? We don’t blame ya. This spot has you covered with salads and bowls galore. We didn’t know a menu could be quite that green! But don’t worry, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s not bursting with flavour.

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This spot likes to call itself a fast-casual joint. They’ve got all the quality of a slower restaurant, only without any of the wait. Place an order to enjoy classic Montreal sandwiches.

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Show us someone who says they don’t like tacos and we’ll show you a liar. This Kensington Market joint is perfect for anyone on the go. Their delicious menu of Mexican eats is packed with flavour we know you’ll love. Mmm, our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Where: 72 Kensington Ave




What happens when you combine two of Toronto’s favourite foods, sushi, and burritos? This spot happens, that’s what. This amazing joint will serve you up their famously delicious sushi burritos. It’s all the flavour of sushi in an easy-to-eat form. This place is sure to have you coming back for more.

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So try all these delicious takeout spots in Toronto next time you’re in a foodie slump. We can’t decide which to order from first!