Remember earlier this year when we were all wondering if concerts would ever come back? Well, good news folks, concerts are very much so back. In fact, November is absolutely packed with them. Excited? Us too. Here are 10 of the best concerts coming to Seattle this November.

Dr. Dog

This Philadelphia-based band had a grip on indie music in the early to mid-2000s and is going on their last tour! So take this chance to belt out your favorite songs by them like “Where’d All The Time Go?”, “Shadow People”, “Heart It Races”, and many more.

When: November 1st & 2nd
Where: 1303 Northeast 45th Street
Cost: $33-$38

Yves Tumor

This is set to be a truly can’t miss concert from genre-bending artist Yves Tumor and equally talented opener Ecco2k. Tumor continues to shift the boundaries of contemporary art and culture through music that combines rock, psychedelia, and electronica in a constant re-invention of what is to be modern pop music. Seriously folks, don’t miss this one.

When: November 3rd
Where: 1303 NE 45th St
Cost: $21.25 – $24.25

Ólafur Arnalds

Composer and musician Ólafur Arnalds is back on the road following the release of his monumental album ‘some kind of peace’. It’s sure to be an auditory experience that you’ll remember for years to come. So if you’re looking to sit back relax and enjoy one of the world’s best, you can’t miss this.

When: November 4th
Where: 1932 Second Ave
Cost: $40 – $45

Sir Mix‐a‐Lot

How could you say no to seeing this Seattle legend? You’ll get to hear Mr.”Baby Got Back” himself as well as fellow MCs Grynch, Marshall Hugh, The Windbreakers and DJ Boombox Kid. It’s sure to be a grand time.

When: November 5th
Where: 925 E Pike St
Cost: $25

Jack Harlow

Who is Jack Harlow? Well, he feels like one of the many young stars that have popped up over the course of the past year. Take a chance on him and listen to his raps if that’s your thing. If you can name a few of his songs you’ll probably be the coolest person amongst the youngins in your life.

When: November 6th
Where: 1700 First Ave S
Cost: $35

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Harry Styles

Normally we would warn you about getting mobbed by teens at a concert like this but these days it seems like everyone loves Harry Styles. So much so that the only tickets left are resale and are ungodly expensive. But hey if you really love him, shelling out a few hundred might be worth it to you.

When: November 7th
Where: 2727 East D Street Tacoma, WA
Cost: $329-$599

Band of Horses

Yet another band that had a stronghold on the late 2000s, Band of Horses is the kind of soft rock that pretty much always sounds good. They’re back on tour these days for the band’s new album Why Are You OK. So if you want to hear some of your favorite soft rock songs live you might as well check it out.

When: November 8th
Where: 911 Pine Street
Cost: $30.75 – $50.75

Yellow Days

Indie lovers this one is for you. Yellow Days sound is described as a “melting pot of jazz, indie, soul and beyond”. It seems like a perfectly chill concert for those of you looking for some sway-worthy tunes. Plus it’s hard to say no to a show at the Showbox.

When: November 10th
Where: 1426 First Ave
Cost: $19.50

Beach Fossils / Wild Nothing

Beach Fossils well-loved indie rock sound will soon be filling Seattle with the help of Wild Nothing. If you’re into indie rock then chances are you know their hits like “Sleep Apnea”, “May 1st”, “Down the Line” and more. Take this chance to groove out.

When: November 11th
Where: 153 14th Ave
Cost: $30

Kikagaku Moyo

Kikagaku Moyo is a Tokyo-based band with a folk-influenced take on psychedelia. They re-started Japan’s psych-rock scene and have also become well-loved internationally. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for something new.

When: November 13th
Where:153 14th Ave
Cost: $25.00

See? No shortage of concerts folks, in fact, you could see one almost every day if you’re about it. Hopefully, December will prove to be just as busy. Until then enjoy the concerts in Seattle this November.