So, you are just a few days away from Christmas. You haven’t gotten around to crossing off names off your holiday gift list. And you’re going into a full-blown spiral because you don’t want to be that person who dropped the ball this year. Firstly, no judgement, after all, we’ve all been there a couple of times at the very least. Secondly, you’re in the right place.

To give you a helping hand we decided to put together a list that has you covered with every personality and every age on your Christmas shopping list. Below are 10 last-minute gifts that can save you from having to hand bills out and appear thoughtless.

For the one who loves to travel: Airbnb gift Card

For anyone who has the travel bug or has plans to take off someplace else for the remainder of the vacation, an Airbnb voucher covering their stay in part or whole is a great gift. Even if you’re surfing this list on Christmas Eve, this gift can save your ass.

Price: Starting at $25

For the one who loves to read: Sweet Reads Subscription


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We all have bookworms in our circle. Now, you could gift them a book which in all probability will be a hit and miss or you could give them a whole reading experience with a Sweet Reads subscription or gift card. The book subscription service sends across a box each month with a novel, a few items related to characters and/or plot, a drink to set the mood right and a sweet snack to enjoy while reading. Sweet indeed!

Price: Starting at $25

For the one who’s a foodie: Air fryer

Frankly, we would gift this to just about anyone on the list, even ourselves. A healthy lifestyle is a good gift for everyone. Plus, this Air Fryer Oven is not just for good taste and healthy living but also for easy living, thanks to its many functions and preset recipes.

Price: $169.99

For the one who just learned to sit up: LeapFrog My Pal Scout

Every baby deserves a cosy, huggable friend to play and sleep with. And if that friend happens to be a lovable puppy toy, aka, LeapFrog’s My Pal Scout, that can play songs and lullabies, call out the baby’s name and indulge the baby in other learning activities then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Price: $25.99

For the one who’s ready to hit school: VTech Get Ready for School Learning Desk

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You might think that a learning desk sounds boring, even for a preschooler but wait till you see this multi-purpose learning desk. The munchkins can learn to write and draw and learn about shapes, letters, numbers, parts of the human body and so much more while dancing along one of the 30 melodies. Score!

Price: $83.99

For the one who’s set to be a star at school: VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer

What’s the fastest way to get popular with elementary schoolers? Help them get popular with their friends. And the easiest way to do that is put them behind the DJ Mixer and let them show off their mixing skills.

Price: $72.99

For the one who can’t get enough of dolls: LOL Glamper

If you are a parent, you already know the rage that is the LOL doll. If you aren’t a parent, well, the LOL dolls are a rage which means that every doll-loving kid owns a bunch of them. So, instead of merely adding to their existing pile, give them a fun accompaniment, aka, the LOL Glamper.

Price: $119.97

For the one who’s a vino fan: Wine subscription

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Technically, we are all vino fans but there’s always one among us who overshadows everyone else. This is the perfect present for that one person on your list who always has a wine glass in hand. There are quite a few wine subscriptions that you can choose from. Our reco: Wine Collective (starting at $75.99 a month).

Price: starting $75.99 a month

For the one who’s into exercising and/or active sports: Theragun Mini

This chiropractor-designed mini massager is a God-sent for any aching muscle. While us couch potatoes might not have much use for it other than just enjoying the massage, the super active ones in our gang will definitely get some relief from sore muscles.

Price: $249.00

For the one who’s loyal and furry: Donut cuddle bed

People who aren’t pet parents will rarely understand this but we know how incredibly important the furry family members are (probably more so than certain humans around us). Let’s show them some love this holiday season with a soft and fluffy donut cuddle bed.

Price: starting at $39.99

Did we just save Christmas or what? Well, go ahead and shop for all these amazing gifts, you can thank us later.