Well, folks, Mother’s Day is soon approaching in Vancouver, and we don’t want you scrambling on Saturday night trying to find her the perfect gift. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Vancouver stores and brands for you, as a little shopping guide before the big day. We’ve got gifts for all kinds of moms in mind, so let’s check it out!

Here are 10 great options for Mother’s Day gifts in Vancouver.



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Neighbour Woman

We’ve always been impressed by the level of style that moms have in Vancouver, and Neighbour Woman is partially to thank. From basic socks to incredible jackets and evening wear, they stock some of the best names in fashion. For extra local flair, maybe check out what Priory has for sale.

Where: Online/45 Powell Street


While we’re happy that Arc’teryx has earned its place in contemporary fashion, the brand has always been about functional, high-quality clothing and gear. If your mom is all about weekend hikes and biking in the rain, then a new backpack, mid-layer, or coat is sure to be put to good use. Pro-tip- the outlet site is always worth a browse since the designs don’t change much year over year.

Where: Online/Multiple locations in Vancouver

Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus has been one of our favourite Vancouver jewelry brands for a while now. Specializing in ‘demi-fine’ pieces, they offer amazing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more at some very reasonable prices. Plus, the designs are beautiful and timeless, and we’re really big fans of their current pieces, like the flower necklaces.

Where: Online, pickup available in Vancouver

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Home Goods


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Old Faithful Shop

Is your mom always on the hunt for home goods? Then these next three picks are for you. Old Faithful has really lived up to its name over the years, becoming a one-stop shop for everything from bathrobes to kitchen gadgets to ceramics. We really like their collection of throw blankets, but you can’t really go wrong here.

Where: Online/320 W Cordova Street


You can’t overlook this amazing gift shop on Cambie Street, whether you’re looking for homewares or something else. Ceramics, candles, and even some nice electronics like clocks and speakers are available. In addition to all that and more, they’ve got absolutely beautiful puzzles for sale. And, that gift becomes a nice activity for the two of you as well!

Where: Online/3408 Cambie Street


If your mom has started shopping exclusively at Uniqlo and MUJI these past few years, then this is going to be right up her alley. Specializing in Japanese home goods, accessories and clothing, ITSUMO is the perfect blend of function and beauty. And while we think you could buy pretty much anything from here and it would go over well, we’re particularly interested in some leather slippers that look insanely comfy. And, can you ever really have too many pairs?

Where: Online/279 East 6th Avenue

Other Options


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Massy Books

Vancouver’s rainy winters tend to turn a lot of people into bookworms, ourselves (and our moms) included. So, you can really up the ante by trying to find a rare book from a local used book store, or one of her childhood favourites. And while there are a lot to choose from, we usually swing by the Indigenous-owned Massey Books before anywhere else.

Where: Online/229 E Georgia Street

Good Boy Collective

Has your mom (jokingly) replaced you with a fur baby now that you’re an adult? We’re in the same boat, which is why we’re considering a trip to Good Boy Collective, our favourite local pet boutique. Now, you may be asking if a new dog leash is really a Mother’s Day gift, but we think it’ll pay dividends when her friends ask her where she got it the next time they go for a neighbourhood walk.

Where: Online/3633 Main Street

Legends Haul

Legends Haul is really out here doing the Lord’s work, assembling the best brands, stores and restaurants in the city in one convenient place. In addition to a wide selection of food and alcohol, they’ve also created special Mother’s Day packages and options, like brunch kits, bouquets and even afternoon tea kits. Of course, we also expect you to prepare it on the big day, for full effect.

Where: Online/Pickup in Vancouver


Of course, we weren’t going to forget flowers. In fact, this year we say in addition to your mom’s favourites, you also pick up something from this incredible Vancouver brand. These local makers created absolutely gorgeous flower herbariums, which last from 6 months up to an entire year. These folks also have a Mother’s Day special, but their entire selection is gorgeous.

Where: Online/Stores around Vancouver

Well folks, that’s our guide for some of the amazing Mother’s Day gift options you can get around Vancouver! We hope this helps while you’re shopping over the next week or so.