Spring is arguably one of the nicest times to be out and about in Vancouver. And, having some great places to eat at in Kitsilano pairs very well with it. Whether you’re doing a little shopping on 4th Ave, hanging out by the beach, or exploring the cherry blossoms, we’ve got some ideas on where you should be dining.

So, here are 10 great places to eat at in Kitsilano this spring.

Little Bird

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This spot, which specializes in craft beer and dim sum dishes, has quickly become a favourite for us in the city. And, in addition to the classics, they’ve also got vegan and gluten-free options to try out, too. The final kicker? They just opened their patio once more.

Where: 2958 W 4th Avenue

Siegel’s Bagels

A late-night or early-morning bagel at Siegel’s is practically a rite of passage for any Vancouverite. Plus, we think that their variants on Montreal smoked meat sandwiches are among the best in the city. It’s a great way to start a walk on the beach.

Where: 1883 Cornwall Avenue

Nat’s New York Pizzeria

Speaking of a rite of passage, a slice of pizza from Nat’s on a hot summer day is an absolute must when you’re nearby. We say don’t wait until summer, though- treat yourself and your friends with a few slices the next time you meet up outside.

Where: 2684 W Broadway

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Since starting with just burgers, Hundy has now moved to all-day fare. That means you’ve now got access to some delicious breakfast sandwiches, in addition to some of the best burgers in the city. Yeah, we’ve gotta stick with a burger for our next visit, we think.

Where: 2042 W 4th Avenue


This new all-day spot is so close to opening that we can almost taste it. The new sibling restaurant to Lift Bakery in North Van, this place will have both baked goods and sit-down options available, plus a few options a week for dinner. Sounds like a new neighbourhood staple to us.

Where: 1516 Yew Street


If you’re looking for a little more elevated fare, these next two picks should be right up your alley. Bishop’s has been one of the city’s best restaurants for decades and is undoubtedly one of the gold standards when it comes to Pacific Northwest cuisine. Dine-in, or opt for a takeout dinner for two on your way home.

Where: 2183 W 4th Avenue

La Quercia

Meanwhile, this spot on the west edge of the neighbourhood has been a sleeper hit ever since it opened. La Quercia is amazing for a full meal, or you could pop next door to their wine bar, L’Ufficio for a few glasses of whatever’s open that day and some snacks.

Where: 3689 W 4th Avenue

Beyond Bread

Across the street from La Quercia lies another sleeper hit, but this time in the baking world. Here’s our claim- Beyond Bread is so good, that paying for toast with jam on it is actually worthwhile here. Alternatively, try the monkey bread if you need a break from their delicious croissants.

Where: 3686 W 4th Avenue

Rain or Shine

Before summer hits and the lineup runs down the block every weekend, you should get a least a couple of trips to Rain or Shine in. Our order? It’s a weird one, but we spring for a vanilla/cracked mint milkshake with whatever fruit/berry filling is available. We don’t even like mint that much, which is the crazy part.

Where: 1926 W 4th Avenue

Au Comptoir

Although no longer new, Au Comptoir fits the neighbourhood staple bill. The casually refined French cuisine speaks for itself here and is particularly eloquent during lunch and dinner service. We all want to have summer in Paris at least once, and this place is about as close as you’ll get without flying there.

Where: 2278 W 4th Avenue

Well, folks, that’s our roundup of some great places to eat at in Kitsilano this spring! We hope that you make the most of this list, we know that we will.