Happy Monday, everyone! To kick the week off, we’re back with a roundup of Canadian stores with online deals happening right now. Spring shopping can be a great time- plan ahead for the summer, or grab some winter sports goods at screaming prices. The choice is yours!

Here are 10 Canadian stores with online deals happening right now.


It doesn’t get much more Canadian than roots. In our eyes, rocking the iconic beaver graphic is a universally-accepted way to say that you love Canada. Will you be wearing those new sweatpants anywhere to say it? Probably not, but that’s fine by us.

Instagram: @roots


If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, then Simons’ sale might be able to help you out. There are deals up to 70% off both men’s and women’s clothing, plus a wide range of accessories to explore.

Instagram: @maisonsimons


This Indigenous-owned and founded cosmetics company has been making amazing products since starting back in 2016. Their products have been featured on both Dragon’s Den and (more importantly) Elle magazine. If you haven’t heard of Cheekbone, make sure you check it out.

Instagram: @cheekbonebeauty


Heading over to BC, we found this amazing line of demi-fine jewelry from a Vancouver company. The prices were already very reasonable, but the sales put them into ‘gotta-have-it’ territory. Plus, they’re perfect for mixing and matching. Instagram: @wolf_circus


Located in Calgary, this independent ski shop only started offering its products online over the past year. If you caught the ski bug in a big way last season, check their sale out for serious discounts on brand new gear. Instagram: @freshskis


Bless the nonstop sales offered by the Arc’teryx outlet store. From shoes to hoodies to backpacks, pretty much the full range of the much-loved company is available here. Top tip- this is how to get their shell jackets on sale practically any time of year. Instagram: @arcteryx








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Thinking about redecorating? You might want to check out the sale section from the made-in-Canada brand EQ3. Things are pricy, but you do get some phenomenal quality. Plus, the true deal hounds always have clearance to check out.

Instagram: @eq3


Speaking of redecorating, we’ve never felt bad about buying a new plant. Plant Collective currently has sales on a variety of options, from cacti to air plants and tropical bundles. Save up to 50% on some great stuff.

Instagram: @plantcollective.co


You can’t go wrong with a great new book. And whether you want to brush up on your anti-racist reading or grab something light to read by the beach, Indigo has got options for you. Our next pick? The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness.

Instagram: @Indigo


Sport Chek has always been there for us, we can’t deny it. And, their ‘Big Chek Event’ is sure to have options for everyone. Running shoes, winter sports gear… heck, they’ve even got and put bikes on sale while everywhere else prepares to sell out again.

Instagram: @SportChek

That’s our roundup for Canadian stores with great online sales right now! Happy shopping this week, folks!