Good news, food lovers! After getting a late start this year, it turns out that the Richmond Night Market has decided to extend its season by a couple of weeks. If you were looking for a sign to make the trek, this could be it.

Things didn’t kick off this summer until July 19th, much later than usual when compared to normal years. The Night Market also ran into a couple of problems early on, due to capacity issues. However, they seem to have straightened things out, and the food vendors down there are waiting for your visit!

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Because we’ll be honest- that’s the only reason we ever go. Sure, there might be a couple of attractions or events taking place, but we’re too busy decided on what to eat to really notice. And after we get our first couple of dishes? Well, there’s no stopping us.

That experience hasn’t gone anywhere this year. So, if you were thinking of checking it out, make sure to swing by in the next few weeks!

Richmond Night Market

When: Extended until Sunday, September 19th
Where: 8351 River Road, Richmond
Cost: $5+