The City of Vancouver just secured a big win. And that is the return of neighbourhood corner stores. Because last week, the Vancouver city council passed a motion to allow applications for local grocery stores in residential neighbourhoods. Woo hoo!

Corner stores are more than just a place to get basic food items, they’re also a place for the community to come together. And during the pandemic when localized shopping has been needed more than ever, corner stores are a great option. But sadly most of Vancouver doesn’t have them.

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That’s because the previous legislature hasn’t allowed for them unless they were in existence before 1980. And due to rising costs of property and living, very few corner stores have been able to make it that long. So with this new motion of the City of Vancouver, you might just have a new spot to shop in your neighbourhood.

If you’d like to learn more about the new corner store legislation you can click here. In the meantime, let this be a reminder to continue to shop locally when you can. After all, small businesses depend on all of us!