Have you been searching for some new real estate in Toronto but wanting to go outside the box? Well, we’ve got a super interesting listing for you that is about as unique as it gets. It turns out that a former Hells Angels clubhouse has just been put on the market, and let us tell ya, it’s fricken’ stunning. Obviously it’s undergone some pretty intense renovations and transformations, and it could all be yours- as long as you cough up $2.1 million. Let’s take a look!

hells angels clubhouse toronto

So the property’s gone through a couple other owners since its heyday with the Hells Angels. But just because the house’s motorcycle club history is a little further in the past, that doesn’t mean the house doesn’t come with a boatload of interesting stories. For starters, there’s a massive area in the back where you can park multiple cars. It was probably made for storing all the motorcycles.

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hells angels

There’s also the story of when the Hells Angels clubhouse was a target of a pipe bomb back in 1995. “All the nieghbours windows were blown out and all the lightbulbs exploded. It was a pretty traumatic event,” current seller, Mark Wilson, told CTV News.

hells angels clubhouse toronto

But don’t worry, the neighbourhood is perfectly safe now and this incredible property has been transformed into a can’t-miss location.  The current tri-plex unit comes complete with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a gorgeous open-concept design. The whole place has a quirky unique charm. You can learn more by searching 23 Kintyre Avenue on your favourite Toronto Real Estate website.

hells angels clubhouse toronto

So book a socially distanced showing and check this neat spot out! It’s perfect if you’re looking to rent out the multiple units within it or if you just want to listen to the walls talk and own a very unique piece of Toronto’s history.

Stay healthy, everyone!